Case Studies & application notes

Be inspired by our customers - browse case studies, industry spotlights & application notes featuring our global customer base.


Our case studies feature customers from all over the world and in a variety of sectors.  We hope to feature you here soon!

Airbus case study

Airbus | Aerospace | BLTU

Itel case study

Itel | Harness | Automeg

MAC Panel case study

MAC Panel | Defence | Automeg

CS-2021-3 pandect case study

Pandect | Slip Ring Tester

CS-2021-1 PZL case study

PZL | Aerospace | Automeg

CS-2020-4 santon case study

Santon Switchgear | Trains | Automeg

CS-2019-1 aerospace blrt case study

Aerospace | BLRT

CS-2021-2 CRRC case study

CRRC | Trains | Automeg


These downloads provide details of applications for specific sectors - they frequently include ROI and use cases.

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles

Train manufacturing

Train manufacturing

Wind turbines

Wind turbines

aircraft cargo conversions

Aircraft cargo conversions

Widget DoD electrical testing

US Department of Defense


Short and to-the-point, these documents provide details of specific application examples focusing on system specs and application types.

Application note trains

Automeg M2500 | Trains

AN-2022-2 - MK Application note LRU repair - D2500

Automeg D2500 | Aircraft LRU repair

AN-2023-1 - Defence - BLRT

BLRT | Testing refueling pods for military aircraft