Ensuring vehicles and equipment are fighting fit for the defence sector.

Military equipment needs to perform in harsh environments and in situations where servicing and maintenance may not be a priority due to operational demands.  Our test systems are used across the entire defence supply chain - from connector manufacturers checking insulation performance to FAL testing the entire wiring of a fighter jet.

Equipment can also be deployed as part of your maintenance equipment, assisting in functional test and calibration tasks, and diagnosing electrical faults.

We offer portable solutions designed for use in the field, whether on board a ship, submarine, or on land.

Did you know?

Aviation Week Intelligence Network are forecasting over 14,000 military aircraft deliveries in the next decade.

Our systems support your share of that market by helping to reduce testing time and improve production efficiencies and quality.

Main Defence Applications

3.3 Defence application 1 Final assembly line

Final assembly line

3.3 Defence application 2 Cable harness manufacture

Cable harness manufacture

3.3 Defence application 6 Loop resistance testing

Loop resistance testing

3.3 Defence application 3 aircraft engine manufacture and MRO

Aircraft engine manufacture and MRO

3.3 Defence application 7 High current bond test

High current bond test

3.3 Defence application 4 Connector manufacturing

Connector manufacturing

Field deployed test

Field deployed test

3.3 Defence application 5 Equipped assembly and function testing

Equipped assembly and function testing

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