Carry out loop resistance testing during passenger to freight conversions quickly, easily and reliably using
the ExLRT from MK Test Systems.

Coronavirus, fast fashion and the rise of DTC (direct to consumer) shopping has seen an increased demand in air freight. The demand for passenger to freight (PTF) conversions means the quality and speed in turnaround of your business is more vital than ever.

Every MRO and PTF converter knows that carrying out the testing on aircraft once you’ve converted them is a necessary but laborious process.

You’re looking at ways to reduce testing time (and therefore cost), and your operators want a simpler and better tool to get the job done; the ExLRT is a modern tool designed for businesses involved in the PTF market.


The ExLRT is listed in The Boeing Company AMM as a suitable loop resistance testing tool for use in fueled aircraft so it’s fully approved for use by cargo & freighter converters and MROs. ROI can be achieved in 3 months.

It also offers the following benefits:

Size and weight

The ExLRT is 82% lighter than the legacy LRT - it weighs just 3kg (6lbs).

Airframe engineers frequently tell us that the legacy tool weighs them down it’s very bulky to move around a hangar, and it isn’t fit for purpose with modern health and safety principles in place.

The size and weight of the ExLRT make a big difference to how operators can move, handle and use the tool. It can be worn by the operator and can easily be lifted for placing on a suitable surface.


Technology designed for the hangar

Designed for use in the hangar and on the flight line, this is a tough tool full of features to make testing easier and quicker:

  • Large easy to read screen
  • LEDs indicators on probes and clamps provide instant results
  • Controls on probes to accept / re-test.
  • Simple loop or joint measurements can be taken straight from power on.
  • Test measurements are verified by The Boeing Company as equivalent or superior to the existing LRT.
  • Replaceable batteries; no downtime whilst the tool is charging.


Intrinsically safe
It’s simple - the ExLRT is certified as Intrinsically Safe in line with all global standards.

Our 'division 1; zone 1' certification means the ExLRT can be used even where “explosive gases are likely to be present”. Working on repurposed aircraft means this is the safest loop testing tool available to you, wherever you are on the planet.

We’re proud to share our Intrinsic Safety certificates - they’re available here.

Application:  Prescribed loop resistance testing during passenger to freight conversion process; MRO

Solution: ExLRT


  • Cost and time savings
  • ROI in 3 months
  • Lightweight for ease of use
  • Usage reduced to a single operator
  • Intrinsically safe
Aicraft technician using ExRLT tool to test engine during maintenance checks

“A major technical advancement from existing LRTs”

ExLRT gallery LRT vs ExLRT

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