Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) is aiming to
shape the logistics transportation of tomorrow. 
They're developing solutions which benefit businesses, society and the environment - electrified mass transit eVehicles (heavy and medium duty trucks and school buses).

DTNA ordered the F1500 Automeg system with loop resistance testing included. The system enables them to test wire harnesses on mass transit eVehicle cabs and chassis to determine all wiring is pinned correctly, verifying they have no shorts and/or bad connections.


The system includes function testing to verify all active components are operating correctly prior to any connection to the battery system.


Once all function and harness tests are complete, DTNA use the loop resistance tester to verify all ground straps are connected  properly to remove any risk of shock to the end user. With this being an electric truck this a critical safety measurement that only MK Test Systems can provide as part of a harness testing system.

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Customer: Daimler Truck North America

Region: Americas

Solution: Automeg F1500 harness test system with loop resistance testing included

Application: Electrical mass transit eVehicles (trucks & buses)


  • Combined test capabilities for wire harness testing, function testing of active components and loop resistance testing
  • Expertise in electrical test & measurement

Daimler selected MK Test Systems as the only major test and measurement supplier capable of providing a system with the required specification.

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