As technological progress in the electrification of buses and trucks advances, sales of and operational scope for electric vehicles are expanding significantly.

The high voltage test parameters for electric vehicles are more demanding than those traditionally used in automotive manufacture.  MK Test Systems’ expertise is supporting this rapidly growing industry.


Historically automotive companies have used a red light / green light test approach.  This means no measurements are taken and only a pass / fail criteria are recorded. This approach is not sufficient when building very high voltage EV vehicles and that’s why MK is uniquely positioned.

Our pedigree is in the aerospace sector, where everything is recorded, and individual pass and fail criteria are set as a measurable result. This background combined with our user friendly software make an MK Test System a smart choice for EV manufacturers investing in new test technology.


MK Test Systems was approached by a world leading manufacturer of trucks and buses in order to equip them with suitable end of line test equipment for a new generation of EV trucks.

The test parameters were demanding 10,000VDC at 10GOhm. Our work in the oil & gas industry (which requires even higher voltages and long dwell time), meant that our systems are capable of testing power cables and interconnects at levels way beyond this.

Dielectric strength tests demanded 6700VDC for wire harnesses and 3100VDC for other systems. MKAT - our gen3 software - allows the customer to interface with the test programs using the API and upload results for each vehicle directly to their SAP system.

Test reports offer a complete breakdown of individual results in XML format.  This allows not only traceability, but also enables in field issues to be analysed against the original test data.

Application:  Manufacturers of electric vehicles, particularly mass transit vehicles; trucks, trains, buses, aircraft ground support vehicles

Solution: Automeg; Functional testing; RTS

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"Our automatic test systems are helping global automotive OEMs and other electric vehicle manufacturers navigate the increased demands of high voltage testing."

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