MK Test Systems were identified by CRRC (then China CNR) as a specialist of high voltage electrical testing equipment capable of providing equipment, training, and crucially local support.

Headquartered in Beijing, CRRC Corporation is the world's largest supplier of rail transit equipment with the most complete product lines and leading technologies. Its main businesses include the R&D, design, manufacture, repair, sale, lease and technical services for rolling stock and urban rail transit vehicles.


CRRC were looking for an automatic high voltage high current test system, including multibus function test capability. They required distributed switching and a testing capacity of over 12000 test points. In addition, they were looking for local support and a company with knowledge of the rail sector.



MK Test’s pre-existing relationships with a number of rail sector manufacturers and wire harness suppliers provided CRRC with the heritage and knowledge to start a conversation. In addition, and in support of this relationship, MK Test’s local team based in Hong Kong provided both a language bridge and a local platform through which the technical conversation could continue.

From this an outline specification with initial requirements were gathered from the CRRC team so that a full pre-proposal assessment could take place.

The CRRC team then visited the UK to inspect our factory and to establish first-hand the credentials of the MK Test Systems team. Following further discussion surrounding requirements and full delivery specification, the test units were ordered. This came along with the reassurance that the CRRC team would receive the support required to deploy MK Test equipment in the company’s Chinese production facilities.

Of critical importance to the relationship was the input provided by MK Test’s Hong Kong office. The Hong Kong team are fully trained on MK Test systems and therefore able to deliver full technical and after sales support with training as required in local languages.



Following a successful installation and set-up, the relationship between CRRC and MK Test Systems is positive and proactive.

MK Test’s systems continue to provide electrical testing and quality assurance certainty to the CRRC production teams.

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Customer: CRRC

Region: Asia

Solution: Automeg D1500 HCAC UHR distributed system with 12032 test points

Application: Harness testing and active panel testing for railcars and trains


  • Successful installation with local training & support
  • Flexibility of test system


  • Local support & service with strength of a global industry
  • Ongoing ease of testing

"Our ability to supply high quality Test systems to the rail sector is well-known across Europe, so it was pleasing to see CRRC, the leading Asian rail manufacturer, look to us when they needed to upgrade their test equipment."

Carl Bullock, Managing Director, MK Test Systems

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