Our automatic wire, cable & harness testing powerhouse.

Automeg® offers powerful, flexible, simple to use and industry-compliant wire and cable harness testing capabilities. 

It's available in a wide range of specifications and formats to suit your business, and has optional modules for extra functionality if needed for your specific application.

Angled front and side view of an Automeg test system
  • Reduced testing time
  • Increased accuracy
  • Flexibility and modularity
  • Fast diagnostics of faults
  • Paperless reporting
  • Easy operation
  • Simple-to-use software
  • Range of format options
  • Customisable / Branded reports
  • Typical applications include:
    • Wire and cable harness testing
    • Major assemblies and full aircraft or vehicle test on FAL (Final Assembly Line)
    • aircraft engine "e-test" and functional testing of electro-mechanical assemblies
    • Electrical management and power distribution panel testing
  • All Automeg models offer the following test and measurements as standard:
    • Continuity
    • Resistance
    • Short circuits
    • High voltage DC insulation resistance
  • Maximum insulation test voltage: Up to 8000Vdc
  • Continuity measurement formats available:
    • 2 Wire ('T' models)
    • 4 Wire ('F' models)
    • Dual-Wire ('D' models)
  • Optional modules:
    • HV AC HiPot (Dielectric withstand) testing
    • Capacitance measurement
  • LCR / function test stimulus switching modules
  • Integration with a wide range of third party sources, scopes and measurement modules
  • Layout options include rack housing, single or distributed satellite switching and static desktop.
  • Powered by MKAT test management software, rated ‘easy to use’ by 90% of our customers.

AutoMeg customers and testimonials


"Just wanted to say thank you to your team who helped get our Automeg F1500 built and delivered to us so quickly. It's working flawlessly to enable us to catch up with our workload."

David Spearink, Quality Manager

Tenkay Electronics

"Everything is going well with the D2500 tester and it is being used quite a bit.  The harness shop is growing very rapidly, so we are having conversations about possibly purchasing a second tester."

Willy Perez, Engineering Department

Summit Aerospace

"We really value the flexibility of the system and the quality of the results; the F2500 delivers exactly what we asked for."

Zander van der Steege, Project Test Engineer

Santon Switchgear

"MK are the industry standard for automated test equipment.  Using the Automeg F1500 has greatly improved our efficiency and accuracy when testing."

Sam Baker, Sales Manager

Itel Electronics

"The D1500 test systems, integrated within our mechanical housing are an impressive part of our factory.  The integration was a step forward within quality improvement of Ventura Systems."

Gerrit Visser, Project Leader

Ventura Systems



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