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Our wire and cable harness testing powerhouse. Available in a wide range of specifications and formats to suit your business.


The only LRT tool classified as Intrinsically Safe everywhere on the planet. Safe for use on fueled aircraft, it’s lightweight and approved by The Boeing Company.


RTS tests wire harnesses in real time using our micro switching technology, reducing the need for high cost interface cables by around 90%.


“We really value the flexibility of the system and the quality of the results; the F2500 delivers exactly what we asked for.”

Zander van der Steege

Project Test Engineer, Santon Switchgear

“The MK Test solution…improves performance and streamlines manufacturing.”

Jakub Lukasiewicz

Space Programs Production Manager, PZL Warszawa-Okecie

“MK are the industry standard for automated test equipment. Using their equipment has greatly improved our efficiency and accuracy when testing.”

Sam Baker

Sales Manager, Itel Electronics

“RTS is an innovative solution compared to traditional wiring testers. It allows workload reduction by fast set-up and fast testing.”

Olivier Boizot

Project Leader, Airbus

“Faster testing, easier to use, and [testing] can be performed by one person.”

An ExLRT user from Lufthansa Technik

“The MK tester is very reliable – the repeatability is what makes it valuable.”

Peter Hicks

Chief Electronics Engineer, Pandect Precision Components

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Our software powers your testing, with no coding required. Rated “easy to use” by 90% of our customers in our latest survey.

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