Pandect are one the UK’s leading slip ring design and
manufacturing companies, and has been in the business for over 70 years. Having pioneered many leading slip ring designs, they are amongst the world’s best.

Winning a contract for a large quantity of slip rings led to their investment in an MK Test Slip Ring Tester.


The slip ring specialist had looked at several different automatic test solutions for many years but their fiddly interfacing was always seen as a problem which negated the speed advantage.

However, winning a contract for a large quantity of slip rings made an automatic system a worthwhile investment, and Pandect selected MK Test Systems Automeg F1500 with SRT (Slip Ring Tester) functionality.


When Pandect first started talking to MK Test Systems, they were looking for an automated method of testing slip rings in a repeatable way.

What MK delivered was a system with integrated scope, power supplies, noise filtering, and our leading test management software, complete with tools to make setting up slip ring test simple.


Pandect are using the F1500 slip ring tester for specific, larger volume jobs.

Special tools enable the capture of scope traces and display this data within the test report. Pass and Fail criteria can be set and filtering of results such as displaying only fails, presents the data in an informative way to the operator. This enabled repeatable testing of devices in a controlled manner.

Time consuming manual testing has been replaced with a range of tests such as continuity, and insulation testing of ring against either side, and ring against ring, all against one.

For Pandect, the benefits aren’t being counted in terms of speed of testing, but rather how the automation improves the administration aspect to quality control.

It is the repeatability as well as the reliability of testing that has added value to the business. Defined results and automated documentation make the system preferable for larger jobs.

Peter Hicks, Chief Electronics Engineer at Pandect said “It is the repeatability of testing that is considered important in deciding to do any particular job on the MK Tester, rather than the speed.”

2.8 Slip Ring Test Systems Customer 3 Pandect

Customer: Pandect Precision Components

Region: EMEA

Solution: F1500SRT Slip ring tester

Application: Slip ring manufacturing


  • Ability to repeat tests
  • Documented results


  • Reliability of testing
  • Ease of repeated testing
Slip ring testing

"The MK tester is very reliable – the repeatability is what makes it valuable.”

Peter Hicks, Chief Electronics Engineer, Pandect Precision Components

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