Ventura Systems is the market-leading manufacturer of innovative door systems for buses, trams and metro. The company’s products are delivered worldwide to many renowned manufacturers of vehicles and rolling stock designed for use in public transport systems.


Ventura recognised a need to improve their testing methods by investing in a system which could better integrate with their factory.

The requirements of the new system were that it must be highly reliable, consistent and improve test times. It also needed to be flexible enough to test a number of different door systems with a range of different interface connectors.

Having researched and shortlisted several suppliers, Ventura chose MK Test Systems on the basis of full compliance with all test requirements, as well as offering the opportunity to borrow a system for a free-of-charge trial period. MK also facilitated a visit with an existing customer to see the system in action.



A key requirement of the solution was that it had to be capable of completely testing Ventura's door systems - both electronically and mechanically.

Ventura were able to create a mechanical system around MK Test's D1500 Automeg which achieved this aim. It was an engineering challenge which has resulted in an impressive test system after several years of development.



Implementing the D1500 has seen testing time reduced by 56%. The improved speed and ease of testing means Ventura can carry out a 100% function test on every door system, providing greater quality assurance for their customers.

MK's test systems are highly automated, meaning they enable semi-autonomous testing and therefore demand fewer programmer and operator inputs.

The consistency of the test procedure is also a great advantage for Ventura - the test process is the same every time, so can be achieved faster.

An extra benefit is in the number of test interface cables, which were reduced by 97%. The associated costs of cable management time alone is a big win.

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Customer: Pandect Precision Components

Solution: Automeg D1500 harness test system with functional testing

Application: Door systems for public transport vehicles and rolling stock


  • 56% reduction in test time
  • 97% fewer interface cables
  • Semi-autonomous testing
  • Consistency of testing
  • Integration with mechanical housing
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"The D1500 test systems, integrated within our mechanical housing / frame are an impressive part of our factory.  The integration was a step forward within quality improvement of Ventura Systems."

Gerrit Visser - Project Leader, Ventura Systems

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