Meet the Team

Whether you're looking for the right person to contact or just wanting to put a face to the name, you're in the right place.


If you'd like to join us, please visit the Careers page for current job opportunities and to learn more about what it's like to be part of #TeamMK.


Julie Eaton

Julie Eaton

Jason Evans 1
Jason Evans 2

Jason Evans
Managing Director

Alan Wilson 1
Alan Wilson 2

Alan Wilson
Engineering Director

Emma Wood 1
Emma Wood 2

Emma Wood
Finance Director


Alex Dixon 1
Alex Dixon 2

Alex Dixon
Project Manager

Kiri Sydenham 1
Kiri Sydenham 2

Kiri Sydenham
Financial Controller

Sarah Stimson

Sarah Stimson
Finance Assistant

Sales & Marketing Team

Angel Cota

Angel Cota
Sales Manager (Mexico)

Charlie Cheung 1
Charlie Cheung 2

Charlie Cheung
Sales Manager (Asia Pacific, Australia & New Zealand)

Graham Andrews 1

Graham Andrews
Sales Manager (EMEA)

Hugo Aniksztejn 1
Hugo Aniksztejn 2

Hugo Aniksztejn
Sales Manager (EMEA)

Jeff Miller 1
Jeff Miller 2

Jeffrey Miller
Sales Manager (US)

Joe Kane 1
Joe Kane 2

Joe Kane
Regional Director, Americas

Sally Antilles 1
Sally Antilles 2

Sally Antilles
Marketing Manager

Steve Hill 1
Steve Hill 2

Steve Hill
Sales Manager (US)

Service Team

Gene Levi lego avatar

Gene Levi
Technical Services Engineer (US)

Huw Gregory

Huw Gregory
Service Engineer

Mukesh Palanivel

Mukesh Palanivel
Service Representative

Varun Natarajan 1
Varun Natarajan 2

Varun Natarajan
Service Lead


Chris Price 1
Chris Price 2

Chris Price
Embedded Engineer

Daryl Manley 1
Daryl Manley 2

Daryl Manley
Principal Systems Engineer

Giuseppe Prisco 1
Giuseppe Prisco 2

Giuseppe Prisco
Principal Electronics Engineer

Jack Ford 1
Jack Ford 2

Jack Ford
Senior Electronics Engineer

Jo Bimson 1
Jo Bimson 2

Jo Bimson
Principal Systems Engineer

Jon Williams 1

Jon Williams
Senior Systems Engineer

Jordan Reed
Jordan Reed 2

Jordan Reed
Graduate Electronics Engineer

Mark Sanders lego avatar

Mark Sanders
Senior Production Engineer

Nick Baker 1
Nick Baker 2

Nick Baker
New Product Development Manager

Patrick Berry 1
Patrick Berry 2

Patrick Berry
Senior Embedded Engineer

Pawel Wojcicki

Pawel Wojcicki
Senior Electronics Engineer

Sengar Singh

Sengar Singh
Graduate Design Engineer

Sravan Gundekarla 1

Sravan Gundekarla
Electronics Engineer

Operations Team

Ashley Bridge

Ashley Bridge
Stores & Logistics Person

Debra Chant 1
Debra Chant 2

Debbie Chant
Purchasing Manager

Gavin Farley avatar

Gavin Farley
Production Lead

Joe Coletta 1

Joe Coletta
Production Technician

meet the team - Joe Fishwick 1
meet the team - Joe Fishwick 2

Joe Fishwick
Production Planner

Kelvin Byers 1
Kelvin Byers 2

Kelvin Byers
Production Technician

Malgorzata Urbanska 1
Malgorzata Urbanska 2

Malgorzata Urbanska
Production Technician

meet the team - Mandy Willy 1
meet the team - Mandy Willy 2

Mandy Willy
Operations Co-ordinator

Nigel Mungombe

Nigel Mungombe
Test Engineer

Paul Fishwick 1

Paul Fishwick
Operations Manager

Shaun Schofield

Shaun Schofield
Production Technician

Meet the team Avatar 1
Meet the team - Avatar 2 (002)

Simon Lewis
Production Technician

meet the team - Tony Clark 1
meet the team - Tony Clark 2

Tony Clark
Production Technician

Troy Carter

Troy Carter
Electrical Technician

Will Mackenzie

Will Mackenzie
Production Apprentice


Chris de Vere Moss 2

Chris de Vere Moss
Software Test Engineer

Meet the team - David Watson 1
Meet the team - David Watson 2

David Watson
Software Development Manager

Dennis Edwards 1

Dennis Edwards
Senior Software Developer

Greg Heard 1

Greg Heard
Software Developer

meet the team - Hayden Sinclair 1
meet the team - Hayden Sinclair 2

Hayden Sinclair
Software Apprentice

Jason Pyke lego avatar

Jason Pyke
Software Team Leader

Jason Pyke lego avatar

Kyle Pyke
T Level Student (Software)

Sam White 1
Sam White 2

Sam White
Senior Software Engineer

Software team - Steve Edwards 1
Steve Edwards 2

Steve Edwards
Software Developer / Morale Officer / Squirrel Wrangler

Yahya Sharif 1

Yahya Sharif
Software Apprentice