Fast testing helps Itel keep pace with production of wire harnesses

Itel Electronics have been designing and manufacturing high performance cable and wire harnesses since 1991. Their customers are primarily in the aerospace, space and defence sectors where reliable quality is crucial.


Keeping pace with the required production output whilst also maintaining high levels of accuracy during electrical testing of wire harnesses was always a challenge for Itel Electronics.

When wire harnesses have a large number of wire lines and/or are of a significant length, manual test equipment is less accurate, time consuming, and prone to human error. This ultimately leads to a less competitive and potentially inferior solution.



MK’s solution to this issue was the F1500 Automeg – an automatic harness tester designed for high voltage applications. The F1500 has provided Itel with an increased production output with the benefit of greater accuracy.

Itel use the F1500 to carry out continuity, HiPot and DC IR tests.



Many of Itel’s customer projects support life-critical applications. It’s therefore essential that they are able to validate the quality of their products.

A major benefit for Itel is the reporting feature within the test management software, which enables Itel to provide QA reports accurately, quickly and with complete confidence.



Sam Baker, Sales Manager at Itel believes that MK Test's equipment are the industry gold standard.  He added "Without MK's systems wire harness manufacturers would find it extremely difficult to keep pace with competitors and risk supplying non-confirming assemblies."

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Customer: Itel Electronics Limited

Solution: Automeg F1500 - four wire harness test system

Application:  Wire harness testing for the aerospace and defence sectors


  • Faster all-in-one testing
  • Quicker error recognition
  • Increased production output
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"Using MK Test equipment has greatly improved our efficiency & accuracy when testing. Their continual support has always been invaluable to our organization.”

Sam Baker, Sales Manager, Itel Electronics

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