How to choose a test system specification

Inside the MK Test Systems manufacturing facility. Several Automeg test systems are shown in various stages of being built.

We offer an extensive range of test system specification models for Automeg, so it has the modular flexibility to suit your exact requirements.  When it comes to selecting an electrical test system – whether it’s for wire harnesses or other applications – the range of options can be daunting.  This article has been written to…

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What is HiPot testing or Dielectric Withstand testing?

What is a hipot test BLOG-2022-5b - widget image

This quick read describes the purpose, process and equipment used for carrying out a HiPot test on cables and wire harnesses. Purpose of HiPot testing HiPot testing is also known as a dielectric withstand test.  It’s one of many types of electrical testing that is typically performed on cable and wire harnesses.   The purpose…

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What is wire harness testing?

wire harness testing

This post looks at wire harness testing, and the significant productivity and quality benefits of using automatic testing equipment. It includes an introduction to digital techniques, which use test data for developing more efficient testing methods. An introduction to wire harnesses Copper wires can carry electrical power or data signals – wire harnesses can contain either…

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MK ships new portable harness tester to ThyssenKrupp

A submarine breaks the surface of the ocean.

ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems is the latest defence customer to invest in an MK Test System for use aboard submarines. Germany-based ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems are the world market leader in submarines.  They recently took delivery of a Portable F1500 Automeg, an automatic high voltage wire harness system at their Kiel shipyard.  ThyssenKrupp required a specialist configuration as standard…

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