MK Test Systems expands business with new innovation centre

B5 Innovation Centre

MK Test Systems have expanded their UK facility with the addition of a new innovation centre. Known as B5, the new innovation centre is just around the corner from MK’s headquarters in Wellington, Somerset. Downstairs is a dedicated customer demo area and meeting space in a bright airy environment. Upstairs, the NPD team have a…

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Trademarks granted for MK Test range of products

Trademarks press release

The UK Intellectual Property Office has this week granted trademarks to MK Test Systems for a wide range of their systems and software.  The trademarks have been registered under Class 9, which includes test equipment for electronic equipment and apparatus, and automatic measuring instruments, as well as testing software.   The move to register trademarks…

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MK Test Systems bring flexible automation to EV battery testing

Battery testing

Fully charged for battery testing success MK Test Systems are bringing their automated, computer controlled HV (high voltage) test systems to the battery sector.   The Automeg ® product range has been used in the demanding sectors of aerospace, defence and rolling stock manufacture and maintenance for the past 30+ years.  The systems have developed…

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NATEP funding awarded to develop hybrid cable test system

An image depicting the concept of funding for growth. There are four stacks of coins positioned in a row, with the stacks getting larger from left to right. The three smaller stacks have small green plant buds growing from them. The largest stack shows someone adding more coins to the top of the stack.

MK Test Systems and AVoptics awarded NATEP funding for a hybrid cable test system for electrical-optical cables MK Test Systems and AVoptics have been jointly awarded a NATEP funding grant by Innovate UK.  The grant will fund a joint R&D project developing a hybrid cable test system driven by MK Test’s MKAT software, with AVoptics being the…

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LRT innovation – proof that progress is vital

Graphic for the concept of innovation, showing multiple arrows pointing towards the top right corner of the image. The image has a dark background with multi coloured arrows and an overlay of binary numbers arranged in a vertical orientation.

A recent response to one of our LinkedIn posts has sparked the idea for this blog article. The post started a debate on the importance of innovation; something which is central to our business.   Here’s the post that sparked the debate.  It was promoting the benefits for aircraft maintenance facilities (MROs) to upgrade their…

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‘AeroTech’ nomination for RTS at Tech South West Awards

An gold award in the shape of a star with a polished wooden base and blank plaque sits on a tabletop in the foreground of the image. The background is blurred and shows rows of red seats in an empty auditorium of a theatre

The 2022 Tech South West Awards have announced MK Test’s high speed harness test system RTS as a finalist RTS has been shortlisted for the “AeroTech” category at the Tech South West Awards, which are due to take place on 10th November in Bristol.  The category celebrates innovation in the space, aviation and satellite sectors.…

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RTS shortlisted for E&T Innovation Awards

Widget E&T Innovation Awards

RTS, MK Test’s high speed harness test system, has today been shortlisted for the E&T Innovation Awards.   RTS is a contender for the “Most Innovative Project for the Future of Manufacturing” category at the awards.  Other finalists include Russell Finex and Nuclear AMRC, amongst others.  The E&T Innovation Awards ceremony is taking place on the…

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Tech::Lab challenges: Designing an intrinsically safe LRT

BLOG-2020-1b - intrinsically safe lrt

In this article, our guest author Colin Cameron takes an in-depth look at the specific challenges of designing the ExLRT, an Intrinsically Safe LRT (loop resistance tester). About the author An expert on intrinsic safety (IS), Colin Cameron sits on several committees for Intrinsic Safety Standards.  He is Managing Director of Mutech Ltd, an electronic…

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Poka-yoke: Reducing human error in wire harness testing

BLOG-2021-8b Poka yoke reducing human error in wire harness testing widget

For wire harness manufacturers, quality control is vital to ensure that their products are delivered with zero defects. Failures incur costs and delays, cause frustration, and damage reputations. In applications like rail or aerospace, they could even create a risk to human safety.  In such a highly manual industry, human error is inevitable – but it…

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Time travel: High speed wire harness testing

RTS - high speed wire harness testing

The latest electrical testing technology needs to support a move to digitization as well as reduce manufacturing and production bottlenecks.  MK Test’s latest product provides a solution for this issue in the form of the RTS system, which provides high speed wire harness testing.  The current state of testing Manufacturing teams are commonly seeking ways to…

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