What is the APG in MK Test’s MKAT software?

View over a person in businesswear looking at a computer monitor. The computer monitor is showing the APG configuration screen within MKAT test management software.

APG stands for Automatic Program Generation.  It’s an acronym you’ll hear throughout your MKAT training and is at the heart of our MKAT software.  This article – written by MK Test’s Sales Director Jason Evans – explains how APG works and what it does. What is APG? In short, APG is the simplest method of…

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How to choose a test system specification

Inside the MK Test Systems manufacturing facility. Several Automeg test systems are shown in various stages of being built.

We offer an extensive range of test system specification models for Automeg, so it has the modular flexibility to suit your exact requirements.  When it comes to selecting an electrical test system – whether it’s for wire harnesses or other applications – the range of options can be daunting.  This article has been written to…

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Automatic program generation improves testing for train OEMs

A production technican at a train manufacturing plant is operating a test system whilst giving a 'thumbs up' hand gesture

Rail operators are constantly challenging OEMs to speed up the replacement of ageing trains and trams to improve reliability, reduce running costs and cut CO2 emissions.  Whether OEMs add additional production lines or speed up manufacturing times through other processes, testing times can still dampen any significant progress.  MK Test’s pioneering automatic program generation technology…

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