FAQ: Where’s my MKAT test program?

A useful guide to resolving a common test program query by MKAT users. We occasionally have customers contacting us for help when they’re creating an MKAT test program.  The conversation is usually along the lines of “I’ve run the APG in the MKAT Editor but it didn’t create a program. Where did I go wrong?”…

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FAQ: How do I insert or replace the ExLRT battery?

BLOG-2022-3b FAQ Replacing ExLRT battery - widget image

Inserting or replacing the ExLRT battery is quick and simple.  Below is a step-by-step tutorial and video for carrying out this process. Before you begin Before you begin to replace or insert the battery, it is important to note that battery changes must be completed in a safe non-explosive environment. The intrinsic safety of the…

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MKAT Gen3 software upgrade FAQs

software upgrade

Our Gen2 software is no longer supported, so we’ve compiled the most common FAQs asked by our customers about an Gen3 MKAT software upgrade. What new features and benefits will I get by upgrading to the Gen3 software? Driven by our goal of simplifying an automatic test sequence for the end user, the new generation…

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An ATE glossary

ATE glossary

To help open up the world of automatic test equipment, we’ve compiled a free resource – an ATE glossary of commonly used terms. Why? MK Test Systems produce specialised automatic testing equipment to high-power industries such as aerospace, rail and subsea. The language which describes the technology we use and the equipment we manufacture can…

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