Electrical Test Systems for the Rail Sector

The leading manufacturers of locomotives and railcars around the globe rely on our test systems to validate their wiring interconnect and power management systems.

Our test equipment is ideally suited to the demands of rail vehicle production, enabling testing of all electrical systems in accordance with standard EN50343.

Rail maintenance depots are using MK Test systems to test and monitor train systems in order to prevent and diagnose failures before they occur.

Major global rail manufacturers including Alstom, CAF and CRRC use our test systems in their manufacturing plants, as well as OEMs such as harness shops and door manufacturers.

The broad applications suitable for our products combined with our modular approach to ATE means we’ll be able to help you with a test solution for your organisation.

Below we’ve provided an overview of the most common applications for our test systems within the rail sector. Click through to the relevant sector for further details, or feel free to contact us for advice on which test system is best suited to your organisation.

Which product is right for your application?

From manufacture of connectors, wiring looms, switches and other parts through to final assembly, our test systems enable quality issues to be rectified immediately.

Below is a quick guide to the test equipment you’ll need for your specific manufacturing requirements:

Function Testing & Equipped Assembly

When a wiring harness is fitted into a major component, such as a train carriage or power panel, our function test systems are used to ensure that the installation has not damaged the harness components, wiring or connectors.

Installed harnesses and components can be tested for function testing of active components such as actuators, relays, solenoids and lamps.

Final Assembly Line (FAL)

We regularly supply testing equipment for final assembly lines (FAL) of train carriages and other vehicles. While components need to be tested when leaving their production stations, final assembly testing provides an absolute assurance of reliability, to the end customer.

For this application, you’ll need either our Automeg or RTS products, depending on your voltage requirements.

Cable & Wire Harnesses

Wherever a cable harness is being assembled, it’s essential that the harness or loom is tested for build and or material defects.

Tests typically include continuity resistance, short circuit failure, high voltage insulation resistance, AC dielectric or HiPot test and capacitance measurement.

Take a look at our Automeg or RTS systems for this application.


Connectors are at the heart of all interconnect systems.

Our test systems are used by many of the world’s leading connector manufacturers; including Amphenol, Glenair, Deutsch, TE Connectivity, Souriau, Wago, Conesys and AB Connectors amongst our customers.

You’ll likely need Automeg for connector testing.

Maintenance Checks

Testing electrical wiring and active componentry in outdoor environments requires specialist equipment.

We offer our Automeg test system in a ruggedised, portable version specifically for trackside testing.

Electrical Test Systems For The Rail Sector

Our products are used by the world’s leading rail manufacturers

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