Electrical Test Systems for the Industrial, Power & Control Sectors

Testing and measurement of the performance of power lines, cables and connectors, and essential switching equipment is a vital part of the production process. Testing needs to be carried out at numerous stages, from component level through to full assembly, to minimise the chance for production errors to creep in.

MK Test works with a growing number of manufacturers and subcontractors across the power, transportation and defence industries. With new customers coming on board as production lines are streamlined and final assembly customers demand ever higher performance specifications.

For anyone working on:

  • Wiring harnesses or looms
  • Switching equipment
  • Power management and distribution cabinets
  • Complex wired assemblies and distribution panels
  • Renewable energy installations including solar power and wind energy generation
  • Electrical assemblies and connectors
  • Slip ring and commutator manufacturing and integration
  • Wind power turbines manufacturing, specifically function testing and bond testing

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Power And Control Applications

Cable Harness

Wherever a cable harness is being assembled it is essential that the harness or loom is tested for build and or material defects. Tests typically include continuity resistance, short circuit failure, high voltage insulation resistance, AC dielectric or HiPot test and capacitance measurement.

Equipped Assembly & Function Testing

When a wiring harness is fitted into a major component, such as an aircraft wing, MK Test equipment is used to ensure that the installation has not impacted negatively on the performance and integrity of the harness components, wiring and connectors. Installed harnesses and components are tested in situ, testing continuity resistance, short circuit failures, high voltage insulation resistance and HiPot dielectric strength, and function testing of active components such as actuators, relays, solenoids and lamps.

Final Assembly Line

(FAL) – MK Test regularly supplies testing equipment for final assembly lines (FAL) of aircraft and vehicles. While components need to be tested when leaving their production stations, final assembly testing provides an absolute assurance of reliability, to the end customer.

Slip Ring

A vital component wherever there are rotating parts, slip rings use a brush contact assembly to pass current between static and moving parts, between stator and rotator. Slip rings are used in a wide variety of installations where rotating parts have a range of movement that prevents the use of a cabled connection – everything from vehicle turrets to wind turbines. MK Test systems are used to test dynamic resistance of the contacts throughout rotation, resistance Noise throughout rotation, and high voltage isolation between rings. Test results are delivered automatically and include scope traces of dynamic resistance and noise.

Power and Control High Voltage Electrical Test Solutions

MK Test has the heritage and the expertise to support high voltage electrical test systems in power and control environments

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