Electrical Test Systems for the Defence Sector

Robust and reliable military equipment needs to be guaranteed to perform in harsh environments and in situations where servicing and maintenance may not be a high priority due to operational demands.

We support key manufacturers and subcontractors around the world in this sector, providing testing of wiring harnesses, slip rings, power management panels, sonar arrays, missile and weapon systems plus full fighting vehicle systems.

Our customers include:

  • MBDA Missile Systems
  • BAE Systems
  • Cobham Mission Systems
  • Thales
  • Rolls Royce

As a supplier to the US Department of Defense, we can supply details of our CAGE code upon request.

Steve Hill, Sales Manager at MK Test Systems Americas, Inc.

Defence Applications

Equipment manufacturers and military overhaul workshops use our automatic systems to test and certify wiring and power management on vehicles and weapons systems.

We can work with you wherever testing is undertaken, at any stage of the product lifecycle.  This may be at component manufacture stage – providing quality assurance to subcontractors – or at the final assembly stage, ensuring complete confidence in the final product.  Beyond this, we also provide testing solutions for MRO and servicing.

Our range offers various specifications to suit your requirements – below is a summary of the main applications.

Wire Harness & FAL Testing

Wherever a cable or wire harness is being assembled it is essential that it’s tested for build and / or material defects. Tests typically include continuity resistance, short circuit failure, high voltage insulation resistance, AC dielectric or HiPot test and capacitance measurement.

We offer a range of solutions depending on your specific requirements, including FAL (Final Assembly Line) testing.

Function Testing

When a wiring harness is fitted into a major component, such as aircraft wing or power panel, function testing ensures that the wiring hasn’t been damaged during the installation process, causing active components to fail.

We carry out all of the tests typically carried by the harness tester, as well as function testing of active components such as actuators, relays, solenoids and lamps.

Bond Testing

Military aircraft are built with ground bonding circuits to enable the safe flow of electric current from lightning strikes or electrostatic charge. The integrity of this circuit is therefore critical to the safety of the aircraft.

Our range of bond testers cover all specifications required by the major aircraft manufacturers, and are also essential tools for the correct maintenance of aircraft once in service.

Slip Ring Testing

Radars, turrets and rotors all rely on slip rings to deliver electrical signal to the moving parts.

Our slip ring testers minimise the resistive noise associated traditionally associated with slip ring testing, ensuring wiring integrity in mission-critical equipment.