Electrical Test Systems for the Automotive Sector

Testing the performance of cab wire harnesses, door systems and chassis assemblies is a vital part of the production process. We’re working with a growing number of customers to supply automatic test systems for the automotive industry.

Our products enable rapid and automatic testing of many key components, helping you streamline your production processes whilst ensuring quality.

Your testing can be improved with an automatic system, whenever it’s carried out.  This may be at component manufacture stage – providing quality assurance to subcontractors – or at the final assembly stage. MK Test can ensure complete confidence in your final product, at every stage of manufacture.

The introduction of the MK Test System to our production line will improve production efficiencies. It will ensure that we deliver superior quality products to our customers faster.

Eddie Smith – CEO, Trysome Group

Test System Applications in the Automotive Industry

Wire Harness or Cable Harness

Wherever a cable harness is being assembled, it is essential that the harness or loom is tested for build or material defects.  Tests typically include continuity resistance, short circuit failure, high voltage insulation resistance, AC dielectric or HiPot test, and capacitance measurement.

Equipped Assembly & Function Testing

When a wiring harness is fitted into a major component such as a truck cab, testing ensures the installation has not affected the performance and integrity of the harness components, wiring or connectors.  Testing is carried out in situ for continuity resistance, short circuit failures, high voltage insulation resistance and HiPot dielectric strength.  Function testing ensures the integrity of active components such as actuators, relays, solenoids and lamps.

Truck assembly line

Final Assembly Line (FAL)

Final assembly testing provides an absolute assurance of reliability to the end customer.  The correct test format is vital, and we can supply distributed switching modules and LRU switching modules in both active LRU and dummy LRU format.

 Slip Ring

Slip rings are used in a wide variety of installations where rotating parts have a range of movement that prevents the use of a cabled connection – everything from vehicle turrets to cranes.  Our systems are used here to test dynamic resistance and resistive noise through rotation, and high voltage insulation between rings. 

Industry-leading software designed to make testing run like greased lightning

Our proprietary 3rd gen ‘MKAT’ software combines ease of use with highly advanced technology.

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