RTS shortlisted for E&T Innovation Awards

E&T Innovation Awards

RTS, MK Test’s high speed harness test system, has today been shortlisted for the E&T Innovation Awards.


RTS is a contender for the “Most Innovative Project for the Future of Manufacturing” category at the awards.  Other finalists include Russell Finex and Nuclear AMRC, amongst others.  The E&T Innovation Awards ceremony is taking place on the 10th November in London, UK.


Alan Wilson, MK Test Systems’ Engineering Director said “We’re thrilled to be shortlisted. RTS was largely designed and built through the COVID pandemic, so to have industrialised and delivered it during this time, and be a finalist for the ‘future of manufacturing’ category is fantastic.”


About RTS

RTS is a high speed, automatic wire harness test system.  A vast departure from traditional rack-based systems, it uses modular components to take the test points directly to the aircraft or other vehicle. The RTS system reduces interface cables by 90% and testing time by 30%.  It was installed on the A320 final assembly line at Airbus Toulouse in July 2021.  The name RTS stands for real time scanning, the technology behind the system which was adapted from the automotive sector.


Arnaud Schang was the project lead at ECA Group when RTS was installed onto the Airbus A320 FAL last year.  He commented “RTS enables new technologies for intensive wire testing in heavy industrial conditions such as aircraft manufacturing operations on the FAL. It’s a powerful tooling solution.”


Want to learn more?

To learn more about RTS, please visit the product page. Our NPD team are continually working on new test and measurement technology – visit our Tech::Lab to read about our latest development projects.

We’ve discussed how RTS was adapted from the automotive sector’s testing methodology in this article.  To understand how RTS complies with the poka-yoke concept of foolproof testing, we recommend this article.