MKAT Software

Test management software made easier. 

MKAT is our gen3 test management software combining renowned ease of use with highly advanced technology.

MKAT software is designed to simplify the test process for programmers as well as operators. The interface is simple, and no coding language knowledge is required to create test programs. A powerful measurement and reporting tool, MKAT can handle complex datasets, creating test programs automatically in seconds.

  • Latest security patch tackles / prevents the latest security vulnerabilities
  • Improved stability for Windows 10 OS
  • Test program now a single XML file
  • User access and control can be set up for different users
  • APG Automatic Program Generation - info sheet is available to download here
  • AutoLearn – analyze an existing “golden” harness to acquire your connection data
  • Expressions tool - use measurement values obtained during a test to influence another subtest based on the results during a test
  • Separate Runner software means test programs cannot be modified by an unauthorized user.
  • Import API for Ditmco test data - info sheet is available to download here
  • No programming language to learn
  • Rated as ‘easy to use’ by 90% of our customers in a recent survey
  • Automatically translate your legacy test programs into MKAT format
  • Includes dedicated translator for Ditmco and Synor
  • Advanced APG (Automatic Program Generation)
  • Automatic full functional test program generation
  • Component library allows you to add your active components to the library easily
  • Ongoing release of new features driven by industry & customer requirements.
  • Import connection data directly from ECAD Export or Spreadsheet
  • Data import mapping ensures the right data that makes up a test is automatically selected an imported when the Automatic Program Generation tool is used

Release updates

The current version of MKAT is 10.20.2 (10.9.3 for BLTU and BLRT).  To access the latest version, please raise a ticket via the Service page.

Want to be notified when the next release is available?  Choose your preferred subscription option below, and we'll keep you up to date.


The software team are working on the following new features. These are on our roadmap for the next couple of releases:

MKAT Editor/Runner

  • Add temperature and humidity to calibration report
  • Add self-test to runner
  • HV split sub-test in failures mode
  • Clear all EMs (Gen2 conversions)


  • Update to latest .net
  • JTS override support


  • Update to latest .net
  • General UI and infrastructure improvements
  • JTS override support updates
  • Record mode updates



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