The intrinsically safe one. 

Safe for use on fuelled aircraft, the intrinsically-safe ExLRT® is designed with MROs in mind. It’s the modern alternative to the 'yellow box' LRT and is a specified tool in several Aircraft Maintenance Manuals.

The ultimate tool to carry out prescribed loop resistance testing on aircraft during maintenance, the ExLRT is certified by all global standards as safe for use in high-risk flammable zones.  It’s small and light enough to be used by a single operator, and automatically records all test data, eliminating the need for paper records.


Large LED backlit screen

operator instructions

Operator instructions

record mode

View, edit and delete measurements with Record Mode


Weighs less than 7lbs (3kg)

belt clip

Wearable for better ergomonics - belt clip accessory is available

Separate charger

Removable batteries with separate charger


8hr battery life 

  • Approved for use on several major OEM aircraft - named as a specified tool (XLR-9703-01) in AMMs
  • Lightweight and portable – 80% lighter than LRT 906-10246-3
  • Certified to all global standards as safe for use in fueled aircraft
  • Single operator use
  • Backlit screen for easy reading in any conditions
  • Controls on the probes to speed up testing
  • Removable batteries means no tool down-time
  • Automatic pass/fail status indication and reporting
  • Proven ROI within 12 months
  • 77% reduction in time spent on data collection, management and error correction compared to an LRT.
  • Suitable applications include:
    • Loop resistance testing on aircraft
    • Alternative to LRT tool 906-10246-3.  Both models are listed in multiple OEM Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM).
    • For use during prescribed maintenance testing by MROs as well as during manufacture. 
  • Listed in OEM AMMs (part number XLR-9703-01)
  • Alternative to BAE LRT 906-10246-3 - both tools are approved and specified by a major US aircraft manufacturer.
  • 200Hz frequency
  • Ex ia IiA T3 Ga (60079-11) Certified
  • Loop test resistance range from 0.5mΩ to 4000mΩ
  • Joint test resistance range from 0.05mΩ to 4000mΩ
  • Dimensions 150mm length x 200mm width x 300mm depth (6 x 8 x 11.8 inches)
  • Weight 3kg (6.6lbs)
  • Large backlit LCD screen
  • Text instructions to guide operator through the test when in automatic mode
  • Record Mode enables recording of measurements for upload to a PC - info sheet download available here
  • View, edit and delete measurements using record mode
  • Self calibration saves up to 2 months on turnaround time
  • Wearable options including belt clip
  • Powered by MKAT test management software, rated ‘easy to use’ by 90% of our customers.
  • Battery designed to last for a full 8hr shift without requiring a recharge
  • Battery can be charged without removal or after being removed from device


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“Faster testing, easier to use, and [testing] can be performed by one person.”

An ExLRT user from Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa Technik logo

“Amazing service on ExLRT - you guys are the best!"

AOG Purchase and Tooling Manager, HAECO Airframe Services, LLC

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"ExLRT improves the testing team's efficiency more than 5 times compared to using LRT.”

An ExLRT user in Xiamen



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