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MKAT is the third generation software for MK Test Systems range of products. It continues to offer our renowned ease of use with highly advanced technology and is all driven by our goal of simplifying the testing process for our customers.

90% of our customers rated MKAT as “easy to use” in our latest survey.

MK Test Systems 2020 Customer Survey
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Simplifying the testing process at every stage

Whilst we pride ourselves on the robustness and reliability of our hardware, it is our software which makes our systems stand out from our competitors.

MK Test Systems have spent years developing and refining our software to make it simple to use yet powerful.  From creation of test programs through to fault diagnostics, MKAT supports your business needs whilst giving engineers control over testing.

Creating the test program

Create a test program without having to learn a programming language. 

We use standard wiring input of Netlist, connection tables and interface adaptor tables to create test programs.  Test parameters such as current, voltage, resistance and dwell can be set by test, group or connection. Tests are enabled or disabled by simple click of a button. 


Automatic program generation (APG) is included in the MKAT software as standard.

Our APG toolset allows the user to re-map fields and use their existing data formats. 

This useful blog post explains more about APG.

Ease of use

Creation of the test program is only the start – our software makes the test process simple. 

Operator instructions and prompts can be easily added to any program, and automatic test reports and fault diagnosis tools inform operators of the nature of the failure and how to fix or retest the fault.

Information for users

Software release information

We regularly release new software versions to support all products in the MK Test Systems family – from AutoMeg to ExLRT and all systems in between. 

To find out how to get the latest software version, visit our knowledge centre

Technical support

We offer remote support as part of our silver and gold support packages. 

For further information on the different service packages that we offer, please read the Technical Support and Service page.

End of Life for Gen2 software

We view product ‘end of life’ as a part of the lifecycle that drives new technology and product innovation.  

Gen2 software is therefore under End of Life phase-out; details of the planned schedule can be found here. To answer your questions about upgrading to MKAT, see our Gen3 FAQs page.

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Questions about upgrading to MKAT Gen3 Software?

Visit our dedicated FAQs page for answers to the most commonly asked questions from our customers.

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