Real Time Scanning = Real Time Saving

RTS is a high speed wire harness test system. It enables you to instantly check wiring integrity on harnesses during installation, not afterwards.

Its diagnostic ability and highly visual format provides instant results, enabling faults such as open circuits, shorts circuits, misswires or inversions to be detected and fixed in real time. 

And it does it all without long and complex interface cables.

No complex interface cables

RTS brings test points to the ends of the harness through a single umbilical cable, and a magnetic connector system. 

This means no long complex interface cables, and a massive reduction in cost of ownership and maintenance as well as in cable hook-up time.

‘Real time’ high speed testing

The test starts running as soon as the system is turned on, enabling testing to take place in real time.  As each connector is populated by the operator, it’ll instantly communicate a pass or fail with the green and red LEDs in the nSats. 

Operators can instantly identify faults due to the red nSats; it’s incredibly satisfying to turn the board green!

Ease of use

Wireless ethernet control enables multiple operators to work on the harness at the same time. 

The magnetic quick-connect connectors mean a huge reduction in hook-up time.  Highly visual red and green LEDs show pass / fail results at a glance. 

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Warranty & Technical Support

We offer a 12 month comprehensive warranty, coupled with global repair and calibration service. Service level agreements are available, offering great value and peace of mind.

Remote technical support is available as part of our silver and gold SLA support packages. 

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We design our products to be easy to use, and pride ourselves on our simple and logical interface.

A half day training session is included in your onsite system installation. Most of our customers find this training to be suitable, but additional training can also be arranged.

Additional training options include refresher sessions, MK open days and remote training workshops – please contact us for details.