Portable High Voltage Wire Harness Test Systems

A portable high voltage wire harness test system is a complete system designed to be carried to test location by one operator, deployable in the field or as a handheld unit designed for use within a factory or hanger environment.

Such portable equipment is normally protected by rugged, robust housings that ensure protection against shock, damage and weather.

The value of Portable High Voltage Wire Harness Test Systems

Typical applications include military support test systems used in the field, Oil and Gas systems used offshore, and rail application systems used daily to test systems on trains. Anywhere that testing is required and where it is difficult to deploy a typical rack style test system.

They are invaluable systems for engineers looking for a test system that reduces the time it takes to ensure products move from the production line and into service rapidly and for fault finding in the maintenance or repair environment.

Portable options normally include a range of rugged, portable housings, cabinet and suitcase systems, offering protection against shock, humidity, impact and temperature.

In addition, more advanced portable systems can be configured to be controlled by an iPad, touch-pad, or similar remote tablet, for complete mobility when testing on site, a solution that is particularly valuable when testing large assemblies such as aircraft fuselage assemblies.

How MK Test can help

Our portable high voltage wire harness test systems offer powerful, flexible, simple to use, industry compliant testing capability.

Use these systems to test wire harnesses and components such as diodes, zener diodes, LEDs, capacitors, switches and circuit breakers

  • Continuity test and resistance measurement
  • Short circuit detection and resistance measurement
  • High voltage HiPot test, dielectric test, flash test and measurement
  • Capacitance measurement
  • Inductance measurement
  • High voltage insulation resistance measurement
  • Stimulate components while measuring function

Accuracy levels and high voltage systems to suit your applications. Choose from our wide range of standard specifications. All systems available in standard rack format, portable format, or distributed switching format.

Diagnostics & Reporting

  • Automatic retest of failed measurements
  • Immediate Pass / Fail indication on screen and on paper report
  • Nature of failure diagnostics on screen and on paper report
  • Picture/graphical fault messages showing active component that is failing
  • Automatic and manual single-point single test modes
  • Automatic probe function
  • Crossed wire analysis
  • Distance to fault indication

Test Program Creation

  • Manual test programming via dropdown menu. Intuitive with no programming language
  • AutoLearn – the system creates a test program automatically by learning a known good harness
  • Flexible single XML test script programming option
  • Automatic Program Generation (APG) – import your netlists, wiring lists, wire schedules
  • API Control the system using your own in-house test driver applications

Portable High Voltage Wire Harness Test Systems

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Specific benefits

  • Rugged
  • Portable – Wheels and pull handle option
  • Robust zero insertion force interface connectors
  • Customer specific connectors as option
  • Splash proof IP67 with lid closed for transportation
  • Full function of the automatic test system in a portable format