Our range of bond testers run loops around other tools

Our range of ground bond and loop resistance testers cover all requirements by major aircraft manufacturers, including Airbus and The Boeing Company. They also make it easier for MROs to comply with airworthiness requirements and prescribed maintenance tests.

Automatic ground bond and loop resistance testers provide simple test and measurement of loop, bond and joint resistance of the electrical circuit on aircraft and other vehicles.

If you currently use an older style tool such as the legacy ‘yellow box’ LRT (model 906-10246-3) or a simple bond meter to measure resistance, you’ll be surprised at the ease and accuracy of our tools.

Product Range


The ground bond test specialist.  Automatic and portable bond and loop resistance tester with operator guidance. Ideal for use on Airbus aircraft.

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The smart one.  Fully automatic bond, loop and joint tester with built-in instructions. Recommended for use on Boeing aircraft in unfuelled environments.

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The intrinsically safe one.  Safe for use on fuelled aircraft, the ExLRT is designed with MROs in mind. It’s also specified in The Boeing Company maintenance manuals (LRT equivalent).

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Features & Benefits

Reliable & Accurate

The accuracy of our bond testing tools have been verified by The Boeing Company.

For peace of mind, all of our bond testers have an integrated self-test toolset. Our calibration kits mean you don’t have to return your equipment to us.

Automatic & Paperless

Test management software is integrated into all of our bond testers, automating the test process to save you time and gain efficiency.

Our paperless process automatically logs and uploads test results, guaranteeing traceability.

Warranty and technical support

We offer a 12 month comprehensive warranty, coupled with global repair and calibration service. Service level agreements are available, offering great value and peace of mind.

Remote technical support is available as part of our silver and gold SLA support packages. 

For further information on the different service packages that we offer, go to the Technical Support and Service page.


We design our products to be easy to use, and pride ourselves on our simple and logical interface.

Our bond testers are delivered with manuals and are designed to work straight out of the box. Training can also be arranged if required.

Additional training options include refresher sessions, MK open days and remote training workshops – please contact us for details.

Still using the legacy tool?

See how our range compares against the LRT 906-10246-3 ‘yellow box’ tester.

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