Intrinsically safe. That’s a weight off your shoulders.

The game-changing ExLRT XLR-9703-01 Loop Resistance Tester is classified as Intrinsically Safe. It’s lighter and smaller than the legacy LRT (models 906-10246-3; 906-10247-3 and 906-10276-3). And it’s also approved by The Boeing Company.


Safe in explosive environments.

The ExLRT is certified to ISA Standard 60079-11 for Class 1 Div 1 (Zone 0) applications; where an explosive atmosphere is continuously present. 

Its outdoor use rating is IP54, meaning it is protected against dust and water splashing from any angle.  The operating temperature range of -10C to +40C (14F to 104F) is suitable for most testing environments.

Size matters.

At just over 6lbs (3kg) the ExLRT is 30lbs lighter than the legacy LRT models.  It’s also significantly smaller, helping to reduce the health and safety risk common to LRT users. 

Designed to meet the latest ergonomic design standards, it’s suitable for single operator use.

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Designed for MROs, suitable for OEMs.

The ExLRT is designed for factory floor as well as field applications.  This is a tough tool full of features to make testing easier and therefore quicker. Wearable options include a lightweight harness and belt clip to keep hands free for testing. The interface is enhanced with a large backlit screen for easier distance reading, even in sunlight. Push button controls and scrolling make operator control easier. LED indicators on the unit, probes and clamps enable the tool to be used easily in most environments.

Superior design, approved by Boeing.

The ExLRT is the result of a close collaboration with The Boeing Company’s EME (Electro Magnetic Effects) team. It’s designed to be as a replacement for the LRT, acknowledging of the need for a tool designed for modern industrial use. 

The Boeing Company has verified the ExLRT’s resistance measurements as equivalent or superior to the existing LRT.

Boeing have specified the ExLRT (model XLR-9703-01) in their AMMs (Aircraft Maintenance Manuals) as an authorised alternative to the Boeing LRT (model 906-10246-3).

Maintenance made simple.

The ExLRT has integrated self test capability.

The calibration process is quick and easy with our calibration kit which is an optional extra. Typical onsite calibration time using the kit is around 30 minutes.

Watch the calibration verification video to learn more about how quick and easy this process is.

A future-ready platform.

The software platform allows for additional capability in the future. It’s available with Bluetooth capability if required.

Our wishlist for future releases is exciting, and includes automatic test sequences, remote control, user-authored programs, APG and memory stack recording of data points.

Not sure which Loop tester is right for you?

Read our comparison article, covering the main specification differences between LRT 906-10246-3, BLRT and ExLRT XLR-9703-01 loop resistance testers.

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ExLRT XLR-9703-01 in situ
ExLRT XLR-9703-01 in situ 2

Accessorised to the hilt.

The ExLRT is designed to be the most user-friendly, flexible loop testing tool available. The following accessories are available:

  • Wearables – harness and belt clip
  • Additional batteries and chargers
  • Data transfer adapter cable (allows upload of test results to PC)
  • Loop adjustment jumper cable kit
  • Calibration kit.

Warranty and support.

We offer a 12 month comprehensive warranty, coupled with global repair and calibration service.

Service level agreements are available, offering great value and peace of mind.

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