Automatic High Voltage Function Testing

An automatic high voltage function test system allows the user to test complex assemblies containing wiring harnesses combined with active components, relays, contactors and circuit breakers and ensures that these components operate to required specification and that circuits are switched as expected.

A function test system can automatically stimulate and test active components such as relays, contractors, solenoids, lamps, LEDs and actuators, and instruct operators to activate switches and circuit breakers and other manual components.

The value of Automatic High Voltage Function Test Systems

All components within a Unit Under Test (UUT) can be checked and tested in this way, using a program that can provide results that feed directly into your information systems.

Function and integrity of the complete assembly is tested, and the test report confirms the measured performance of each component.

This approach increases the likelihood of production integrity and reduces the direct costs of delays brought about through faulty components and errors in production.

This applies to many assembly line situations and can be applied within a number of different industry sectors including engine and aircraft manufacture, rail carriage construction and specialist vehicle manufacture (Defence).

How MK Test can help

Our Automatic High Voltage Function Test systems simplify and automate the function testing of assemblies that contain active components.

Our multibus systems enable measurement and stimulus delivery at every test point, simplifying programming and interface design and offering the user dramatic time savings.

Use these systems to test harnesses and assemblies containing active components that require stimulus.

  • Continuity test and resistance measurement
  • Short circuit detection and resistance measurement
  • High voltage HiPot test, dielectric test, flash test and measurement – masking and protecting sensitive components
  • Capacitance measurement
  • Inductance measurement
  • High voltage insulation resistance measurement
  • Stimulate components while measuring function
  • Relays, contactors, switches, circuit breakers, lamps, LEDs, sensors, actuators, motors

MK Test Automatic high voltage function test systems

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Diagnostics & Reporting

  • Automatic retest of failed measurements
  • Immediate Pass / Fail indication on screen and on paper report
  • Nature of failure diagnostics on screen and on paper report
  • Picture/graphical fault messages showing active component that is failing
  • Automatic and manual single-point single component test modes
  • Automatic probe function
  • Crossed wire analysis
  • Distance to fault indication

Test Program Creation

  • Manual test programming via dropdown menu. Intuitive with no programming language
  • AutoLearn – the system creates a test program automatically by learning a known good harness
  • Flexible single XML test script programming option
  • Automatic Program Generation (APG) – import your netlists, wiring lists, wire schedules
  • Active APG – import the component library to enable automatic creation of function test programs
  • API Control the system using your own in-house test driver applications

We offer accuracy levels and high voltage systems to suit your applications. Our function test systems are available in the following standard models: M1500, M2500.