New automatic slip ring tester launched by MK Test

automatic slip ring tester

A modern specialist test system for slip ring manufacturers has been launched to the market today by MK Test Systems.


The new automatic slip ring tester (SRT) replaces the legacy brand used widely across the industry which is no longer commercially available.


Designed and manufactured by MK Test Systems, the new tester has been developed with input from representatives of global slip ring manufacturers including Moog and Schleifring.


The system carries out automatic testing whilst reducing common issues such as resistive noise, and contact- and insulation resistance. It contains an integrated oscilloscope for graph data.  The SRT also communicates with other third party environmental test systems such as climate chambers or vibration beds.

Market demand for an automatic slip ring tester

Jason Evans, Sales Director at MK Test Systems, said “We have been approached several times over the years by slip ring makers wanting a better solution for their testing. It’s been a long term project, and our perseverance has paid off.  To be able to offer an automatic slip ring tester that can handle this niche and complex set of requirements is fantastic.”


He added: “The slip ring market is growing due to the increased use of wind turbines and so on, so the demand for improved testing has also increased. It’s exciting to be a part of this industry.  We’d ultimately like to see more standardised testing requirements across the sector, but in the meantime we can offer our advice on best practice.  The SRT is now the best solution available on the market for slip ring manufacturers and on the final assembly lines for their end customers who will predominantly be in the green energy sector.”


The worldwide slip ring market was worth US$724.4 million in 2018 and is expected to reach US$1080.2 million by 2028, according to a Prudour Research study. [Source:]

Want to learn more?

For further information about the Slip Ring Tester and to download brochures and the specification sheet, visit our dedicated SRT product page.  Our blog has several useful articles about this topic – filter by ‘slip ring tester’ to start learning more.