MKAT Gen3 software upgrade FAQs

software upgrade

Our Gen2 software is no longer supported, so we’ve compiled the most common FAQs asked by our customers about an Gen3 MKAT software upgrade.

What new features and benefits will I get by upgrading to the Gen3 software?

Driven by our goal of simplifying an automatic test sequence for the end user, the new generation of software keeps your testing process as simple as possible.


Operator instructions and prompts can easily be added to any program, with automatic test reports, export to quality systems without manual intervention and fault diagnosis tools assisting the operator in informing of the nature of the fault and what to do next. This leads to easier, time saving and traceable test programs. More details can be found on the MKAT page.


I have a support contract for my system, is the Gen3 software upgrade covered?

The actual software upgrade is free, but any additional hardware or modifications of the existing system will be quoted according to the system you have.


Will my system continue to work if I do not upgrade?

Absolutely. Your system will continue to work. You just will not have all the benefits and time/money saving features introduced with MKAT.


How much will the Gen3 software upgrade cost?

If you are on a support contract the software will be free, but you will be quoted for any hardware updates.

If you’re not on a support contract, then you will be quoted the software and any hardware updates necessary.


I appear to have an issue with my Gen2 software. Can it be fixed?

MK Test Systems stopped supporting Gen2 after 31 Dec 2020.  This included updates, amendments revisions or improvements for Gen2 software.


I believe I have bespoke features in my version of Gen2 software, will that also be in MKAT if I upgrade?

A lot of features have been included in MKAT, and more are on the roadmap to be added in future versions.  Details of upcoming new features are on the MKAT page and also on our Tech::Lab page, which is dedicated to sharing our NPD news.

A very few limited number of features will not be in MKAT Gen3.  To check if a feature you use if included, please ask your MK Test Systems Sales Manager, or email


My IT department are updating the company’s IT to Windows 10/11. Is MKAT compatible?

MKAT is compatible with Windows 10 and 11. The minimum PC spec is:

  • Processor: i5
  • RAM: 16Gb minimum
  • HHD: 160 GB minimum
  • Operating system: Windows 10/11 (64 bit)


I have a library of test programs in Gen2. How easy is it to transfer these to MKAT?

MKAT includes a Gen2 to Gen3 translator and generally, Gen2 test programs will translate in less than a minute.  Get in touch with details of your current Gen2 release revision and we will advise if there are likely to be any issues.


MKAT also includes a powerful APG (Automatic Program Generation) toolset that allows you to create programs from imported source net/circuit data in seconds. More complex programs may need some manual re-configuration to enable you to take full advantage of MKAT.


Will I have to replace my PC?

The PC will need to be running Windows 10 or 11 as its operating system so either update the operating system or replacement of the PC may be necessary.


Does anything else need to be replaced?

On older systems an update of the main control board may be required; this will be quoted for. The customer can perform this update if they are happy to calibrate the system. Alternatively, we can quote for a service engineer visit to complete the task and calibrate the system.


A limited number of systems may have integrated modules which are not at present compatible with MKAT. Contact us with your system 5-digit serial number and we will check your system configuration.


Is MKAT difficult to use?

No, MK Test Systems have introduced MKAT to make testing simpler, automated and to save the user time and money. MKAT is supplied with a user guide.


We also offer monthly training webinars which are free of charge. Details and dates of these are on the training page.  If dedicated onsite training is required, just ask your MK Sales Manager or complete an enquiry form on the training page.