MK Test Systems acquired by Halma Plc

MK Test acquired by Halma

MK Test Systems acquired by Halma Plc

01 May 2024


MK Test Systems Limited (MK Test), a leading provider of safety-critical technology for the aerospace, rail, and commercial electric vehicle industries, is pleased to announce its acquisition by Halma Plc, the global group of life-saving technology companies.


Based in Wellington, Somerset, UK, MK Test specialises in the design and manufacture of technology that tests the electrical wiring of airplanes, trains, and other vehicles to ensure safety and quality for workers and passengers alike.


With a focus on automated testing, MK Test’s solutions offer enhanced speed, reliability, and compliance traceability, addressing critical safety risks across various sectors including:

  • Protecting modern aircraft: MK Test’s loop resistance testing technology ensures accurate results in high-risk flammable zones of aircraft, meeting stringent safety standards against lightning strikes and stray currents.
  • Safeguarding future trucks and buses: By verifying proper wiring connections in the development of electric vehicles, MK Test contributes to the safety and reliability of next-generation commercial vehicles.
  • Powering the future of rail: As rail systems evolve with higher voltage requirements, MK Test’s technology plays a crucial role in testing complex electrical systems to prevent malfunctions and ensure safe operation.


MK Test becomes Halma’s latest addition to its Safety sector, which now totals at 19 companies, with a total of 53 businesses across all three of its divisions.  The acquisition involved a cash consideration of £44m, funded from existing facilities. MK Test’s unaudited revenue for the 12 months to March 2024 was £12.4m, with Return on Sales significantly surpassing Halma’s target range.


Marc Ronchetti, Group Chief Executive of Halma said “MK Test further enhances our capabilities in electrical safety and brings new opportunities for growth, driven by increasing safety regulation and the need to protect high value assets.  Its technology plays an important role in automated electrical testing and in ensuring the integrity of electrical systems. We are delighted to welcome MK Test and to support its development as it continues to scale its business globally.”


Jason Evans, Managing director of MK Test added “Passenger and operator safety is a top priority for our customers. They must ensure that platforms and machines with increasingly complex electrical systems are manufactured and assembled correctly, are operating within specification, and are being properly maintained. Joining Halma means we can grow our business in key markets while helping more businesses meet increasing safety regulations and demands for test traceability. We share Halma’s commitment to building a safer, cleaner, and healthier future for all, each and every day.”


Following the acquisition, MK Test will operate as a standalone company within Halma’s Safety sector, retaining its current management team to continue delivering innovative solutions and expanding its global footprint in key markets.