MK boost their commitment to customer service

Customer service




MK Test have recently introduced several new initiatives as part of their ongoing commitment to improved customer service.


A helpdesk has been in place for several months, which gives customers the ability to self-report issues via the website, This has also given the Service team a better view of the entire support function and it requirements.


Paul Fishwick, Operations Manager said “The helpdesk reporting is working well.  Not only is it helping customers tell us their issues immediately, but it also gives us a lot more insight.  We’re all about data, so being able to track the amount of support queries as well as things like speed of resolution will help us improve more over time.”


In addition to the helpdesk, the Service team has been expanded.  An experienced Service Engineer is now in situ in the United States, working alongside the existing UK-based team and US sales team.  A triage system has also been set up, with a dedicated Service Engineer based at MK Test’s UK headquarters as first point of contact.


The new initiatives are expected to result in improved customer service relationships and monitoring scores within the next 6 to 12 months. Customer service is a key focus area for MK Test Systems as part of its ongoing growth and development programme.

Customer service