Meet TeamMK – Will, Apprentice Production Technician

Banner - Will, apprentice production technician

William Mackenzie joined MK Test in September 2021 as an Apprentice Production Technician.

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2022, we invited our current apprentices to be interviewed for our ‘Meet TeamMK’ series. Will was happy to talk to us about his route to joining the business, what his typical day is like, and what he hopes to achieve with his apprenticeship.


We started first talking about what Will did before he joined MK. Whilst his best subject at school was Maths, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do when he left.  He joined [Cannington College, a local college specialising in land-based courses for agriculture, horticulture, animal care & construction. “I had two years at Cannington and became interested in electrical wiring and fitting.  An apprenticeship made sense as it meant I’d get paid as well as learn. I found about the job at MK on the government website when I was specifically looking for fitter’s apprenticeships. So it was perfect for me.”


Life at MK Test Systems

And now Will’s been with the team for 5 months, how is he finding it? We’re happy to say our facilities tick all the boxes – “it’s easy to get to, and I feel really safe here, considering we’re working with high voltage electricity. The people are lovely.”


The job role itself is working out really well for William, with a key factor being that the tasks are always changing. “What I do for work is interesting, it’s not repetitive at all and every task is a bit different. There’s been more responsibility as time goes on as well. I’m at the stage with some of the tasks where I can just do it myself. I get the time to work through the job sheet and get the task done. Then there’s new areas I’m being taught about all the time as well.”

Combining college with work

As part of his apprenticeship, Will attends college one day a week. I wondered how that complemented his job role; it turns out it’s nothing like an MK day. “At college, we haven’t done any practical work yet as it’s all theory so far – maths and equations – so my college day is very different to the rest of my week!

The future

To end our interview, we talked about what Will wanted to be doing in 5 years.  What does a 24 year old William Mackenzie do for a living?

“Right now, this is my dream job. I’m learning a lot and I love how it’s different every day.  I’m working on real customer systems which is good, as I’ve got responsibility and they trust me. So, I’d like to still be at MK.”

Want to learn more?

Learn more about apprenticeships on the government’s website here.  For available apprenticeships and other job opportunities with us, visit our careers page.