The MK Test Systems approach

We work alongside every customer to understand your requirements, ensuring we deliver a compliant solution which speeds your testing and enhances your efficiency.

In doing so, we believe this guarantees a test solution that enables you to test your product quickly. Our products rapidly identify any defects and provide you with a traceable, quality assured measurements record that ensures everything you deliver is to specification.


We are still discovering the wide range of industries and sectors where our testing equipment can make a difference. Our key industries are aerospace, rail and defence alongside others shown here. Recently, we’re growing in the wind energy, electric vehicle and slip ring markets.

If your industry isn’t represented on our site but you manufacture or work with large numbers of electrical wiring or equipment that needs checking or testing, just ask us for advice – we’re sure to be able to build a system to suit your application.

With experience of working in both large and small production environments and rugged conditions, we’re sure to find a test solution that is right for you.


We help tailor our testing software and modular equipment to suit your exact needs. The software will interface with your data systems, upload programs and report test results, which can be stored for full traceability. Our Special Projects Team can support with the supply of interfacing and test jigs.


Our software requires minimal training and no computer coding knowledge is required. It has the ability to create programs automatically from your existing connections’ data. We provide customers with operator training to ensure they can use equipment efficiently and correctly. In addition we also offer technical, hardware and calibration training to enable customers to be self-supporting. Training is offered around the globe. Contact us for more information.

Telephone & In-Country Support

The MK Test Systems team is on hand to provide customer support, both from the UK Head Office as well as our network of representatives around the world. Each of these has a high level of product knowledge, enabling them to provide product support and local training, if required.

After Sales

Our systems can be delivered with on-site support to ensure your solution is up and running quickly. Our support teams will work with you to develop further tests, advise on test processes and expand on your test capabilities. For further guidance on how to use MK Test equipment efficiently, contact our service team.


MK Test equipment has a standard 12-month warranty. We highly recommend you take our a support contract which ensures your equipment is available 24/7. Further information about our support contracts can be found here.