FAQ: What does ExLRT Record Mode do?

ExLRT record mode

ExLRT ® is the lightweight, intrinsically safe loop resistance tester approved by Boeing (part number XLR-9703-01).  It now has ExLRT Record Mode which records measurements, eliminating the risk of human error caused by manual record-taking.  This article explains what that means and how operators and organisations can benefit from it.

Record Mode is easily accessed within the menu on the ExLRT tool.  Results are saved for later viewing on the tool itself, or can be uploaded to a PC.   The feature eliminates the risk of human error caused by manual recording of measurements on task cards, an issue typically seen with alternative LRT tools.


“Record mode enables users to collect and manage data directly within the ExLRT tool.  It reduces testing time and minimises the risk of human error.”


Features of ExLRT Record Mode

  • Accessible directly from the ExLRT menu
  • Options for recording continuous mode, single shot or sessions
  • Recorded measurements are saved in the ExLRT for uploading to a PC for permanent storage of saved results
  • Review and manage recorded data on the tool itself or on a PC after data upload


Benefits of ExLRT Record Mode

  • Eliminates human error from manual data records
  • Save an entire task card set of measurements in a single recording session
  • Faster data processing
  • Improved data management


Achieve ROI within 12 months

ExLRT offers a 77% saving in labour costs for data collection, data management and data error correction, compared to using the industry standard ‘yellow box’ LRT tool which requires manual recording of measurements.

Want to learn more?

Visit the ExLRT page to learn more about this lightweight, Boeing-approved tool. This blog article is also available as a download – get the PDF here.

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Already have an ExLRT?  You can upgrade your software to include Record Mode – get in touch with our sales team or fill out a product enquiry form on the ExLRT product page.