Customer Case Studies

We’ve worked with customers across the world for over 29 years – our case studies are their chance to tell you what they think about our approach to their test system requirements.

thumbnail for industry spotlight bond testing for aircraft freight cargo conversions

Industry Spotlight: Cargo and Freight Conversions

thumbnail for case study santon switchgear function test system

Santon Switchgear: Automeg for faster testing and improved quality

MK Test x MAC Panel - ensuring test interface reliability

MK Test x MAC Panel – Ensuring test interface reliability

Industry Spotlight_Electric Vehicles

Industry Spotlight: Adapting test procedures for electric vehicles

Lokale unterstützung mit globalem branchenwissen die richtige wahl für CRRC

Der Wechsel zu Automeg spart Santon Zeit und verbessert die Qualität

Branchenfokus: Bahnindustrie

Branchenfokus: Wie automatische tests schienenherstellern helfen

case study thumbnail for industry spotlight wind turbines

Industry Spotlight: Slip Rings for Wind Turbines

thumbnail for case study PZL harness testing for space satellites

PZL over the moon with Automeg system for harness & assembly testing

Thumbnail of Airbus BLTU case study

MK provides Airbus with test solution for fuselage production line

case study thumbnail for CNR china rail


Case studie_BLRT_A_EMEA_front cover

How a major manufacturer achieved lightning-fast loop testing with MK Test Systems