Curtains up for safety: How light curtains protect test operators from high voltage hazards

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Within manufacturing settings, safety light curtains stand as crucial protectors, shielding operators from potential harm by creating a sensing screen between danger points in the system or machinery.

In this article Alex Dixon, Project Manager at MK Test Systems, summarises the benefits and use of these safety devices in conjunction with an MK Test System.


When connected to an MK Test Automeg system, safety light curtains prevent user access to high-voltage points during testing, significantly reducing the risk of electrical shocks.

The image below represents a typical light curtain installation.

Diagram of a typical safety light curtain

This consists of two pillars, one being the transmitter and one being the receiver. These curtains come in various configurations, offering flexibility in pillar height and distance between them.

Light curtain integration with MK Test Systems

Integration with MK Test Systems is seamless. Each high voltage Automeg system features a custom auxiliary plug on the main console’s front panel as shown in the image below.

Aux plug on front of Automeg

This plug enables the safety light curtain to be concurrently wired in with the system’s safety circuit.  If the circuit is broken, the interlock activates to ensure operator safety by dissipating any high voltage from the circuit.

But safety doesn’t stop there. Our intuitive MKAT software complements the hardware by alerting users when the system interlock is broken via an on-screen prompt.  This prompt remains until the system interlock has been reset, ensuring immediate attention. An example of the prompt is shown below.

MKAT prompt showing interlock warning

Flexible safety

Combined, the hardware and software solutions from MK offer a comprehensive safety net for your testing requirements. Many of our current customers such as TT Electronics have already embraced similar systems to safeguard their operators during testing sequences.

For larger Automeg systems, MK provides an E-stop safety circuit. This circuit, equipped with dedicated safety relays, swiftly shuts down all active power supplies within the system in case of emergencies.


In summary, safety light curtains integrated with MK Test Systems are essential safeguards for test operators and equipment in manufacturing environments.

MK’s comprehensive safety features, including interlocks and alert systems ensure operator safety.  For more information on implementing these and other safety measures with your Automeg test system, get in touch.