Electronics Industry Awards announce ExLRT as a finalist

Electronics Industry Awards 2023

The ExLRT has been announced as a finalist in the 2023 Electronics Industry Awards.  The winner of the ‘Aerospace Defence Product of the Year’ will be announced at the awards ceremony on 19th October 2023.   Sally Antilles, Marketing Manager at MK Test Systems said “The final shortlist for the Electronics Industry Awards is based…

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HAECO offering ExLRT calibration services in China


            ExLRT calibration services are now being offered in China by HAECO Xiamen.   HAECO have already begun providing the service.  The first ExLRT calibration was successfully carried out for Boeing Shanghai at the start of August 2023.   Charlie Cheung is MK Test’s Regional Sales Director for Asia Pacific…

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FAQ: What does ExLRT Record Mode do?

A. ExLRT Record Mode

ExLRT ® is the lightweight, intrinsically safe loop resistance tester approved by Boeing (part number XLR-9703-01).  It now has ExLRT Record Mode which records measurements, eliminating the risk of human error caused by manual record-taking.  This article explains what that means and how operators and organisations can benefit from it. Record Mode is easily accessed…

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British Airways purchase another ExLRT

Image of a British Airways plane parked on a runway

British Airways have placed an order for an additional ExLRT from MK Test Systems. This latest unit to be purchased by the airline is destined for use at BA’s Heathrow maintenance hub.   British Airways are the UK’s 2nd largest carrier, operating a mix of Boeing wide-body aircraft, and Airbus narrow and wide-body aircraft.  They…

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We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked ExLRT FAQs here.  If you can’t find an answer to your ExLRT query then please get in touch with us. What is the ExLRT? ExLRT is an intrinsically safe loop resistance tester (LRT).  It’s specified by The Boeing Company in their Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM) and is…

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Boeing set to replace LRT with record-breaking order for 60 ExLRT

Boeing order 60 ExLRT

Boeing order 60 ExLRT loop resistance testers to replace LRT from BAE Systems The Boeing Company have placed a bulk order for 60 ExLRT loop resistance testers, confirming their intention to migrate completely from BAE Systems’ LRT tools.   ExLRT was designed and developed by MK Test Systems in partnership with Boeing, with the first…

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Which loop resistance tester do the OEMs want you to use?

A view of a runway at an airport showing several planes on the tarmac

Identifying the right tool for aircraft OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)  bond and loop testing requirements can be complex. As an MRO, your first point of call should be the AMM (maintenance manual).  However, some OEMs are more prescriptive than others.  And with a broad range of similar tools available on the marketing all claiming to comply…

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How to choose a loop resistance tester

how to choose a loop resistance tester

Modern loop resistance tester tools have several features designed to make prescribed testing easier and faster than ever before. This article is a quick guide on the top features to look for when you’re sourcing an LRT. OEM approval Is the tool specified for use by the aircraft manufacturer?  It goes without saying that to…

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ExLRT leasing and procurement support

BLOG-2020-3b ExLRT leasing and procurement options widget image

Are you unhappy with your current LRT but are hesitant to commit to an unknown tool? Or perhaps you’re looking to upgrade to a digital, automatic solution but aren’t sure what’s right for your facility. We’re confident that you just need to trial the ExLRT to see how it improves loop resistance testing for your…

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Tech::Lab challenges: Designing an intrinsically safe LRT

BLOG-2020-1b - intrinsically safe lrt

In this article, our guest author Colin Cameron takes an in-depth look at the specific challenges of designing the ExLRT, an Intrinsically Safe LRT (loop resistance tester). About the author An expert on intrinsic safety (IS), Colin Cameron sits on several committees for Intrinsic Safety Standards.  He is Managing Director of Mutech Ltd, an electronic…

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