Boeing set to replace LRT with record-breaking order for 60 ExLRT

Boeing order 60 ExLRTs

Boeing order 60 ExLRT loop resistance testers to replace LRT from BAE Systems

Boeing order 60 ExLRT to replace LRT

BAE’s LRT (left) next to the ExLRT (right)

The Boeing Company have placed a bulk order for 60 ExLRT loop resistance testers, confirming their intention to migrate completely from BAE Systems’ LRT tools.


ExLRT was designed and developed by MK Test Systems in partnership with Boeing, with the first units delivered in February 2020.  The latest order of 60 ExLRTs are for Boeing’s Renton and Everett production sites.  They are set to replace LRT completely at these two locations.  An additional 16 ExLRTs have been ordered by Boeing recently; the next stage in their plan to replace LRT entirely.


Joe Kane, MK Test Systems Americas Regional Director said “We are excited that our partnership with Boeing has resulted in the availability of an amazing new tool in the ExLRT, a device that Boeing is now integrating into the basic fabric of its manufacturing and service processes.  Boeing time studies have confirmed a potential 77% savings in labor content for the measurements made and recorded with an ExLRT instead of the older LRT technology.  The ExLRT is so much smaller, lighter and faster than the legacy LRT that it improves every aspect of the user experience. All Boeing customers and service providers now also have the same opportunity to take advantage of these benefits by using this AMM-specified tool, the ExLRT in all aspects of MRO operations”.


About the ExLRT

ExLRT was launched in 2020, as the most user-friendly, intrinsically safe loop resistance tester available on the market.  It is specified in Boeing AMMs (aircraft maintenance manuals) as approved to carry out the same tests as the LRT from BAE Systems. Unlike the LRT, the ExLRT can be used by a single operator which saves MROs time and money.  It’s ready to be used straight out of the box and weighs around 80% less than the LRT.


Want to learn more?

Visit the ExLRT product page to learn more about the tool, or go to our blog to learn about ExLRT’s intrinsic safety credentials, suitability for MROs or it’s ergonomic, practical design features.