Automeg FAQs

We’ve compiled a list of common Automeg FAQs to help you use your test system more effectively.  We’ll be adding to this list over time, so it’s a live and growing resource.

What are the default logins?

MKAT Editor software does not require a login.  For the Runner software, systems are set up with 3 default logins.  The user names are not case sensitive but the passwords are:

  • User name: Administrator.  Password: MKtest2016
  • User name: Advanced Programmer.  Password: MKtest2013
  • User name: Operator.  Password: Mktest21013

How fast is the Automeg test system – how quick will high voltage testing be?

With high voltage testing (Insulation resistance and HiPot / dielectric testing), it is rarely the test system that defines the testing time.  OEMs and specific industries tend to have their own test requirement specification that define:

  • Ramp up time (time to charge the wire/harness/net from 0V to test voltage)
  • Measurement Dwell (the time during which the high voltage is maintained and the system measures leakage current or insulation resistance)

Here’s an example – a harness with 10 nets needs testing at 1000Vdc.  The test specification defines the ramp time as 0.5s (so 1s to ramp to 1000V), and the measurement dwell at 1s.  The test time will therefore be at least 100(nets) x [1s (Ramp) + 1s (Measurement)] = 200 seconds.  That time is defined purely by the test specification, not the test system.

When you require low voltage testing as well as HV, the low voltage test is nearly negligible compared to the high voltage segment.  So, when planning for test time on a harness, the test specification for high voltage test should be your reference document.

If you would like further assistance in calculating accurate test timings, please get in touch.  Just send us your test specification and harness/product details, and an application specialist can help.

How do I add my company’s logo to the Automeg test reports?

  1. Prepare the logo. The logo image needs to be scaled to a suitable size – we recommend 180px wide by 110px high.
  2. Save the logo in jpeg image format; it must be named CustomerLogo.jpg   
  3. Copy the logo to the following location on the PC hosting MKAT Runner: C:\ProgramData\MK Test Systems Limited\Reports\Logos.  Note: You’ll need to replace the existing file of the same name in this folder.
  4. That’s it! From now on, all default reports will display your company logo in the top right position as shown below.

Automeg FAQs - adding logo to reports

Does the Automeg have a self-test capability? If so, how often should I perform self-test?

Yes, Automeg does have a simple self-test routine.  We recommend performing system self-tests at regular intervals to ensure optimal performance of all critical components like switching relays, power supplies, measurement and stimulus circuits, etc.  The frequency of performing self-test depends on several factors such as how often the system is used and how many test points are in your system, among others. It is very common for users to perform self-test at regular intervals such as when the system is turned-on, at the beginning of each shift or prior to executing every job.  You can also set Automeg to run self-test automatically every time the system is switched on.

More questions to add to the Automeg FAQs?

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please let us know.  We’ll answer your question as quickly as possible.  You’ll also be helping us to grow this Automeg FAQs resource.