Our customers love the functionality of MKAT, our latest test management software. Here’s a list of the latest & best features of Gen3.

1. Separate software for creating and running tests

We’ve split the Runner and Editor into 2 separate software packages.  The Runner is designed for operators – it’s optimised for touch screen control and makes learning to run a test very easy. 

Editor software ensures that only training personnel can create and modify test programs. Everything is stored in a history for audit compliance.

Screenshots of MKAT Editor and Runner screens

2. Create programs from your existing data with APG

MKAT gen3 has a fully featured Automatic Program Generation (APG) tool.

This allows test programs to be created from your existing ECAD / Harness build data, simplifying your tasklist.

3. Migrate your legacy test programs with our translator

Migrating your existing test programs and data from your legacy system is simple with our translation tool.

Import from DIT-MCO, SYNOR and others.

4. Full Windows 10 compatibility

MKAT is fully compatible with Windows 10, so it offers a range of standard GUI features and unparalleled stability.

5. Library of active components for function testing

Gen3 supports a library of active components, allowing functional tests to be easily created.

Relays, diodes, multi pole switches, circuit breakers and more are all supported.

6. Easier data management with .xml file formats

Your Gen3 test program is a single .xml file. This makes it easy to send, store and attach test programmes within your back office and PDM environment.

7. MKAT supports third-party devices

Gen3 supports a huge range of third-party devices, all of which can be easily controlled directly from the software. 

Device sequences can be created which allows multiple devices to be setup once, then reused as defined sequence.

8. Run MKAT from your own PC or laptop

With our new USB Comms you can connect any suitable PC or Laptop to run your MKAT software and drive the Automeg.

There are a wide range of PC or Laptop configurations available.

9. User access control

Adjust user access, either in groups or right down to individual users.

10. Easy Netlist data import

Importing your Netlist data is simple, enabling you to create test programs quickly and easily.

11. Rules based testing

We couldn’t just choose 10 features for this list, so here’s number 11! This great new feature enables you to run a test based on the results of other subtests.

We’ve added support for variables and calculations directly into the test sequence.

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