Inserting or replacing the battery into the ExLRT is quick and simple.  Below is a step-by-step tutorial and video for carrying out this process. 

Before you begin to replace or insert a battery into the ExLRT, it is important to note that battery changes must be completed in a safe non-explosive environment.  The intrinsic safety of the ExLRT is only assured when the battery is properly inserted and the battery door is closed and latched.  Only then is the system to be used where explosive vapour may be present.

Step 1: Turn off the ExLRT

First, turn off the ExLRT by pressing the button under the handle on the back side of the display.

ExLRT battery

Step 2: Open the battery compartment

Use the supplied hex key to loosen the quarter-turn screws on the back face of the unit.

Once the screws are loosened, the battery door will freely open.

ExLRT battery

Step 3: Release the battery

There is a sliding latch lever at the top of the battery compartment.  Slide it to the left to release the battery. 

ExLRT battery

Even if no battery was previously installed, the slide latch will still be positioned to the right as it must be in this locked position for the battery door to fully close.  You will need to slide the latch to the left in order to prepare to insert a battery, even if none was previously installed.

Step 4: Remove and replace the battery

When the lever is positioned to the left, you’ll be able to easily insert or remove the battery.

No force will be required for either the insertion or the extraction of the battery.

ExLRT battery

Step 5: Secure the battery compartment

With the battery inside the compartment, slide the latch back to the right.  This motion will pull the battery fully into the battery compartment and secure it in place.

Close the door to the battery compartment and secure the two screws.

ExLRT battery

Step 6: Restart the ExLRT

You may then restart the system by pressing the power button.

ExLRT battery
ExLRT battery

Video tutorial:

This step-by-step guide to inserting and removing the ExLRT battery is also available in the below video.

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