Helping you to keep working in testing times

Coronavirus is affecting the global aviation industry in unprecedented ways.  On the one hand, grounded flights mean a greater demand for opportunistic maintenance.  On the other hand, tooling spend has largely been frozen. 

We know these two combined situations are making life very difficult for MROs, so we’ve put together several solutions to help you upgrade to an ExLRT during the current situation.

What finance options are available?

We’ve got three options available depending on your situation.  So, to determine the best option for your business, read more about the schemes below then get in touch with us.


The quick fix.  If you need a loop resistance testing tool fast but have no budget to purchase, then why not lease an ExLRT instead on an LRT? 

Very intuitive and easy to use, the tool is fully approved by Boeing and is light and portable. 

Your operators will love this tool; give it a try with a lease from as little as 3 days.

Buy back scheme

Upgrade your LRT by trading it for an ExLRT with our buy-back scheme. 

Simply part-exchange your LRT when purchasing an ExLRT from us, and we’ll give you a discount.

Please note that the buy-back value depends on the age and condition of your existing LRT tool.

Priority waiting list

If you’re not able to release funds for tooling purchases right now, our priority waiting list is a great option.  All we need are some details about your existing test system. 

In exchange you’ll get priority shipping once you’re ready to place your order, as well as updates from time to time. 

We don’t need a deposit and there is no obligation to proceed.

Why should you upgrade your LRT to an ExLRT?

Read our comparison article, covering the main specification differences between the LRT and ExLRT loop resistance testers.

Compare loop testers