Aircraft engine testing is a critical aspect of maintaining the safety and reliability of aviation operations.

This process involves the thorough inspection and evaluation of an engine's components - including electrical harnesses - to ensure they meet stringent performance and safety standards.

Automeg® offers a streamlined and efficient solution. Capable of testing multiple engine models and variants, this automatic test system drastically reduces the time required for inspections from weeks to minutes, providing immediate and detailed reports.

Whether used on-engine or in a harness shop, Automeg can improve precision and efficiency, ensuring quicker turnaround times and operational readiness.

Automeg application - aircraft engine e-test
aircraft engine testing


A leading Aircraft MRO had the following test process issues:


A leading MRO was having engine test process issues.  Electrical harness and components were stripped off the engine and sent to a component and harness shop for inspection and test.

Testing was carried out manually and the results of the inspection was taking more than 2 weeks.  This was seriously effecting the turnaround time (TAT) of engines.


By using the Automeg D1500 Engine test system, multiple models and variants of engine were tested with a single system.

Once the system was connected to the engine harness, the test was completed within less than 4 minutes and a test report automatically generated.  Any failures were clearly reported together with the nature of failure.  The mobile system was used to test on-engine and in the harness shop.


The implementation of the Automeg test system dramatically reduced the inspection and testing phase from over two weeks to less than four minutes.  This led to an average reduction in engine turnaround time by five days, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Automeg offers powerful, flexible, simple to use and industry compliant wire and cable harness testing capabilities.

It's available in a wide range of specifications and formats to suit your business.


Test types

  • Continuity resistance
  • Short circuit test
  • High voltage insulation resistance test
  • High voltage hipot test (dielectric withstand test)
  • Functional test of relays, diodes, solenoids, sensors