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NPD roadmap

Our NPD team are currently working on several exciting new projects, some of which are still classified. Here are the ones we are allowed to talk about:

Hybrid optical copper testing


More systems are making use of hybrid cables and connectors, where copper and fibre are combined in a single cable assembly. The requirement is therefore growing for a test system with both electrical and optical test capability.


Our NPD team are working on a system that truly combines the two functions in a single compact COTS test system, controlled by our MKAT test management software.


January 2023 update: The project is entering the next phase of prototyping and integration. New electrical measurement hardware and firmware is being tested alongside our partner’s work at AV Optics on the Fibre testing module.

Tech lab - New generation hardware for harness testing


We’re excited to say the next generation of wire & cable harness test system is in development.


Drawing on 30 years of ATE experience, our next gen systems will be more compact, offer greater testing functionality, and will be modular and flexible to ensure the system can be configured to suit your specific testing demands.


January 2023 update:  The NPD team continue to work on our next generation hardware. The next generation of Automeg system will draw on modern technology to create a fully ethernet controlled modular system with a low profile and easy setup, operation, maintenance and expansion.

A lot of new features that are currently only available in the RTS system will be included as well as a suite of new features to improve performance, accuracy and speed of testing.

We have also chosen a name, but we can’t tell you that yet! 😃

mkat Software releases

The current version of MKAT is 10.20.2 (10.9.3 for BLTU and BLRT).

Want to be notified when the next release is available? Visit the MKAT page to sign up to the mailing list.

Please complete a ticket on the Service & Support page to request the latest software version.


The software team are working on the following new features for MKAT.  These are on our roadmap for the next couple of releases:

MKAT Editor/Runner

  • Add temperature and humidity to calibration report
  • Add self-test to runner
  • HV split sub-test in failures mode
  • Clear all EMs (Gen2 conversions)


  • Update to latest .net
  • JTS override support


  • Update to latest .net
  • General UI and infrastructure improvements
  • JTS override support updates
  • Record mode updates


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