Slow, manual testing has been switched for a highly automated "all-in-one" method since Santon Switchgear implemented the F2500 Automeg into their production process.


Santon were using a variety of manual methods to test switch connections at their Rotterdam facility, which included writing all measurements by hand for just one of the many test stages.

This was resulting in a slow production rate and an inconsistent quality control process.

It was clear the processes could be improved in several ways; “efficiency, speed, flexibility and reliability” were the key requirements for the project brief.


Reduced processes

The F2500 is being used to test the switch connections per position and the voltage of the pot meter is measured and displayed in graph format. Previously, a doorbell test only showed if the contacts are connected; now every contact is measured with continuity resistance and shown on the report.

Voltage measurement no longer needs to be measured with a universal multimeter; it’s now an integral subtest. This means the system also generatesa voltage graph which can be used to see the voltages at the correct position.

Automation for speed and accuracy

Santon are moving towards a more advanced level of automation with the aim of minimising human error. The F2500 system could use the EEMS Port to control a motor that then rotates at a constant slow speed. The test system then reads the value of degrees and measures the voltage value to verify if the switch is connected. This generates a protocol graph that is used to verify that all switches are (dis)connected at the correct degree. This is still a concept and is in development, therefore not implemented but is Santon’s view of their future use of the F2500.

The company previously measured using a universal multimeter; a process which took at least 30 minutes to register and write down all the measurements by hand. A process that used to take an hour now takes 5-10 minutes.

"In summary, the F2500 enables all-in-one testing, with fast error recognition showing the exact switch connection that caused the tests to fail."

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Customer: Santon Switchgear

Region: EMEA

Solution: Automeg F2500 (4 wire harness test system)

Application: OEM switches for industrial, defence, rail and subsea markets.


  • Quality improvement for testing
  • Increased production rate


  • 91% reduction in testing time; 1 hour test reduced to 5 minutes
  • Faster "all-in-one" testing
  • Quicker error recognition

"We really value the flexibility of the system and the quality of the results; the F2500 delivers exactly what we asked for." 

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