How an aircraft engine manufacturer achieved lightning fast loop testing

Test process issues have been grounded by a major aircraft engine manufacturer since implementing the BLRT from MK Test Systems.

The problem

It was recognised by the customer - an aircraft engine manufacturer - that the testing procedures and tooling needed an upgrade. An essential yet laborious process was being hampered by inadequate and cumbersome equipment , adding to the build time and affecting operating costs.

The engineers were carrying out the testing in different ways; the inconformity of this was impacting upon the test results.

In additional to this, data capture was manual (pen and paper), a potential source of test data errors. The manual method also meant that full traceability was not being achieved.

The solution

Work with leading OEMs for approval

The BLRT tool was developed with The Boeing Company for several years to tackle common problems associated with the legacy approved tool.

The BLRT is approved for AMM tasks by The Boeing Company as a direct alternative to the legacy kit.  Airbus have also approved the use of the BLRT.

Automation = data integrity and cost savings

The system automatically captures test result data and uploads on completion, ensuring full traceability and test data integrity.

The automation of both the process and the subsequent data handling means that the testing can be carried out by a single user.

Built-in conformity

The BLRT has an in-built test guide. With a large colour  touchscreen, our graphical guidance system provides clear step-by-step directions.  Minimal training is required, and conformity in testing procedures is guaranteed.

Customer: A major aircraft engine manufacturer

Region: EMEA

Solution: BLRT (bond and loop resistance tester)

Application: Aircraft engine manufacturing, OEM

Outcome: An automated test process using a tool with full traceability and test data integrity that can be operated by a single engineer


  • 80% reduction in testing time
  • 50% in operators
  • Accurate, validated results
  • Cost and resource savings
  • Procedural conformity

"The BLRT revolutionises the testing environment by offering automated, intelligent earth bond, loop and joint testing."

joint resistance
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