How to choose a loop resistance tester

how to choose a loop resistance tester

Modern loop resistance tester tools have several features designed to make prescribed testing easier and faster than ever before. This article is a quick guide on the top features to look for when you’re sourcing an LRT. OEM approval Is the tool specified for use by the aircraft manufacturer?  It goes without saying that to…

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Test management software – our top 10 MKAT features

MKAT is our powerful third generation test management software.  Customers love the functionality of Gen3, so here’s a list of our top 10 MKAT features. 1. Separate software for creating and running tests We’ve split the Runner and Editor into 2 separate software packages. The Runner is designed for operators – it’s optimised for touch…

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Wind turbine electrical testing applications

BLOG-2021-7b Wind turbine electrical testing applications widget

This article provides an overview of the global wind turbine industry. It then discusses the various applications where wind turbine manufacturers and operators can benefit from the use of automatic electrical testing equipment. Market overview of the wind turbine sector The global wind turbine market was valued at >$50bn in 2017, and is expected to…

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How to choose a test system specification

BLOG-2021-6b How to choose an Automeg harness test system specification widget

We offer an extensive range of test system specification models for Automeg, so it has the modular flexibility to suit your exact requirements.  When it comes to selecting an electrical test system – whether it’s for wire harnesses or other applications – the range of options can be daunting.  This article has been written to…

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FAQ: Where’s my MKAT test program?

A useful guide to resolving a common test program query by MKAT users. We occasionally have customers contacting us for help when they’re creating an MKAT test program.  The conversation is usually along the lines of “I’ve run the APG in the MKAT Editor but it didn’t create a program. Where did I go wrong?”…

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ExLRT leasing and procurement support

BLOG-2020-3b ExLRT leasing and procurement options widget image

Are you unhappy with your current LRT but are hesitant to commit to an unknown tool? Or perhaps you’re looking to upgrade to a digital, automatic solution but aren’t sure what’s right for your facility. We’re confident that you just need to trial the ExLRT to see how it improves loop resistance testing for your…

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Tech::Lab challenges: Designing an intrinsically safe LRT

BLOG-2020-1b - intrinsically safe lrt

In this article, our guest author Colin Cameron takes an in-depth look at the specific challenges of designing the ExLRT, an Intrinsically Safe LRT (loop resistance tester). About the author An expert on intrinsic safety (IS), Colin Cameron sits on several committees for Intrinsic Safety Standards.  He is Managing Director of Mutech Ltd, an electronic…

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ExLRT vs LRT: Technology designed for MRO facilities

exlrt designed for mro

This second article in our ExLRT vs LRT comparison series takes a closer look at the features specifically designed for MRO users. Part one of our Loop Resistance Tester comparison series looked at the physical differences between the ExLRT and the legacy LRT tool.  We confirmed that size matters after all – and in this…

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Meet TeamMK – Steve, Service Engineer

Meet TeamMK Steve Service Engineer

This article was first published in 2019, when Steve Mills was part of MK Test’s Service team as a Service Engineer.  We caught up with Steve to talk about his average working day, which he revealed is often fuelled by Squaddie bars which he buys from the canteen at his main customer’s site. A rare…

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Meet TeamMK – Hayden, Apprentice Software Engineer

BLOG-2022-2b Meet TeamMK Hayden Apprentice Software Engineer widget

As part of National Apprenticeship Week 2022, we invited our current apprentices to be interviewed for our ‘Meet TeamMK’ series. Hayden Sinclair is an Apprentice Software Engineer at MK Test Systems and joined us in September 2021.  Never knowingly over-dressed, Hayden has worn shorts every day since he joined #TeamMK.  He’s confident, enthusiastic and has…

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